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There could be many reasons for your vacuum cleaner losing its suction power over time. However, the most common reason encountered by users is a full vacuum bag or a clogged filter. A reduced suction power will be experienced if the filter or bag become full of dirt. Therefore it is important to fix vacuum cleaner suction to make sure the machine is picking up dirt, hair and other debris like it should. Other reasons for reduced suction power include clogged hoses/elbows and malfunctioning beater brushes. Follow some simple instructions and tips detailed below to make sure your vacuum is working perfectly. Take your cleaning machine to the nearest repair shop if the suction is not restored even after trying all these steps.

Empty vacuum bag and filter

Commercial vacuum cleaners mostly use bagless vacuums. Take out the filer canister and empty it using a paper towel over a garbage can. It is recommended to clean the filter after reading instructions from the user manual. You will be required to remove and replace the vacuum bag if you are using a bag vacuum cleaner.

Check vacuum beater brush

The suction can be diminished suction if the beater brush is malfunctioning. Check to make sure the beater brush is turning properly by turning the vacuum on its side. Consider turning off the vacuum and put it upside down to inspect the beater brush. Try and turn the beater manually. Inspect for pieces of plastics, long objects and strings if the beater does not turn the way it is supposed to. Unblock the brush using a pair of scissors if possible.

Replace the beater belt

Use the manufacturer’s instructions when removing or replacing the beater belt. If the beater does not spin freely then you should take your vacuum to the nearest repair center. The process of removing and replacing the beater belt depends on the type and model of your vacuum. Typically, the process involves removing the beater brush and the front cover. Take off the broken belt and put a new one in place.

Remove dirt clogs

It is recommended to check for suction power by placing your hand over the hose. Consider detaching the hose if you are unable to feel any suction. If there is any obstruction in the hose then use a broom handle or straighten a clothing hanger to push it out.


As discussed before, if you are unable to fix your vacuum cleaner at home then you should take it to your nearest repair center. If your machine is still has warranty, consider taking it to the service center. Pay a small amount of processing fee and get your vacuum fixed as soon as possible.

It is recommended to empty dirt bag of your vacuum cleaner on regular basis to prevent hair or dirt clogs. Furthermore, check the filter every once in a while to ensure maximum output and efficiency from your vacuum.

Read manuals instructions before disassembling the vacuum.

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