Best Upright Vacuum Reviews 2018

In terms of basic design, upright vacuum cleaners haven’t changed that much over the years, in that ever upright model till date features a vertical frame with the handle at the top; a dust accumulation component (bin, bag, HEPA filtration etc) at the center; and a dust gathering system at the base.

Therefore, given their basic design, upright vacuum cleaners can cover more floor space in less time. They also have higher capacity of dust intake and are best suited for cleaning carpet spreads and uncluttered floor spaces. On the downside, these vacuum cleaner configurations tend to noisy and their weightiness can prove to be stumbling block especially when trying to carry them up and down the stairs.

Things To Consider When Choosing the Best Upright Vacuums:

A vacuum cleaner (bagged type) uses a throwaway bag for accumulating dust, which disposed off once full and replaced with a new one. But it also accounts to extra cost of purchasing additional bags. These downsides aren’t faced with bag-less variants. But, you’d need to consider replacement cost of the filter every once a year, especially if the vacuum cleaner uses a non-washable type.

This is a must for people who are allergic to dust, pollen, etc. Otherwise known as HEPA filtration systems, they are generally part of a multi-stage filtration process arresting harmful allergens within the appliance.

Vacuum brands today offer specialized attachments along with certain upright models, which can be used for a variety of needs. These could include specialized surfaces like upholstery or sucking out the dirt from corners and crevices for that matter. But, if you want to achieve all this without sacrificing on the usual advantages of an upright vacuum cleaner, then consider one with extra attachment heads.

Our Top Handheld Vacuum Reviews:

Hoover UH30010 Review

Get two cleaners for the price of one with the Hoover UH30010COM. It comes with a bagged upright cleaner having sufficient power to operate on carpeted floors and a canister cleaner for hardwood floors and hard to reach areas. Great with pet hair too and easy to operate, this cleaner duet has got plenty of features to boast of.

2 Hoover U6485900 Review

Hoover U6485900 Review

Self-driven and powerfully made, the Hoover U6485900 is a do-it-all vacuum cleaner capable of discovering dirt and grime on its own. It even finds pet hair, dislodges it from carpet pile and sucks it up. HEPA quality filters provide it with anti-allergen properties and its plethora of accessories help keep the entire house in order.

3 Miele S7260 Review

Miele S7260 Review

Mini Turbo brush, Swivel design, Active Air Clean technology and plenty of other advancements make the Miele S7260 an impressive feat of engineering. It is a vacuum cleaner well suited for any household and powerful enough to tackle pet hair stuck deep inside carpets that manages to pull out debris from cracks and crevices.

4 Miele S7210 Twist Review

Miele S7210 Twist Review

Yet another outstanding corded model from Miele, the S7210 Twist is a all-in-one multi-function upright vacuum cleaner. Super silent and powerful to a fault, this vacuum is what you need if you happen to have a large house, lots of furniture and a pet or two. Oh! by the way it will go totally flat if you need it to – perfect for low chairs, sofas and more.