Spring Clean Your Vacuum Cleaner

spring cleaning time

What’s more irritating than keeping your home clean during spring? All the sunshine, beautiful weather and green leaves would mean nothing if you are living in a polluted environment and therefore it is recommended to use a vacuum cleaner to ensure the indoor air is clean. Spring cleaning can be a very challenging task, especially for small and medium sized businesses. Choosing the right equipment can make it so much easy for you.

With passage of times, businesses are showing increased interest in putting effort into cleaning. Studies have shown that customers are more likely to acquire services from a clean business as this makes them feel welcome. Research has also revealed that customers notice everything in your office including how you manage your employees and how the phone calls are answered. As a businessman, you would never want your customer to leave your premises thinking that your business is unclean. Follow some simple tips and instructions given below to ensure spring cleaning in your home and office.

Change filter bags

change vacuumMake sure your keep changing the filter bag on regular basis. Filter bags seem to last forever but it is highly recommended to replace them once in a while to ensure acceptable suction ability of your vacuum cleaner. If possible, empty the filter bag when it is only half full. This will also keep the vacuum cleaner in good and working condition.

Clean brush roll

clean vacuum brush rollDo not forget to keep an eye on the brush roll. Remove any hair, dust particles and other similar items from the brush head to avoid permanent damage to your vacuum cleaner. Experts suggest that you should remove the brush from the head every time you clean with it and inspect it thoroughly for hair and lint. Furthermore, make sure the brush rolls spins freely after you secure the caps back.

Check the belt

check beltConsider checking the belt on regular basis. If it shows any signs of wear then you must replace it as soon as possible. Belts are designed to last for six months or more for commercial cleaning. We highly suggest that you go out and purchase good quality belt so it can last longer.

Inspect air passages

Inspect your vacuum’s air passages to ensure there no remains or trash inside. Remove anything that seems to be blocking the flow of air through the machine. Always inspect your vacuum cleaner for cracks and sport with extra ware. If you find any crack it could mean that you need to purchase a new vacuum cleaner.

Keep the outside of your vacuum clean

Another important technique is to keep the outside of your vacuum clean at all times as this will prevent the machine from wearing down. For businesses it is even more important to keep the outside of their vacuum clean to impress their clients and customers.

Power cable breaks

If the vacuum cleaner is not starting up then perhaps you should inspect the power cable to ensure there are no breaks. Keep the power cable away from water at all times as a safety precaution.

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