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An excellent everyday use vacuum cleaner, the Shart NV356E is adept at cleaning carpets. It is designated as the Professional Lift-Away Navigator Upright Vacuum that makes easy work of carpets, lifting off pet hair and dust with ease. Although, made to excel on carpets, it does a respectable job with hardwood floors too. Along with the main unit comes a professional grade dusting accessory that can help with hard floors and even upholstery. The accessory uses microfiber pads to catch pet hair, which need not be emptied as it is completely washable. The design of the canister makes the vacuum quite portable and even allows you to quickly move from the upright position to the hand vacuum. Lightweight, nifty around corners and great on staircases, the Shark NV356E is poised as an all-floor versatile cleaner.

Bare Floors
Hose Airflow Strength
Ease Of Use
Pet Hair
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I have never before come across a vacuum cleaner that isn’t self propelled but yet manages to drag itself forward inch by inch if left alone. The Shark NV356E with its lightweight frame and phenomenal suction maintains a tight grip on carpet without ever losing it and if you switch on the brush rolls then it starts chugging along on its own. I was totally impressed by the deep suction it delivers that frees up so much of dust and dirt while picking anything in its way. Be careful though as this vac has a tendency to suck in even scarfs and loose piece of small garments if it fits through the nozzle.

Bare Floors:

Bare floor is not exactly its forte but it does an awesome job nevertheless. The same powerful suction maintains a vice like grip while powering through rough surfaces or larger debris without ever losing anything along the way. Whatever comes in front of it, goes inside it, period!

Hose Airflow Strength:

The airflow strength of the hose is definitely as powerful as a Dyson or Hoover, which is something that you don’t expect in the below $500 range. I was suitably impressed with the overall suction strength developed by the Shark NV356E simply because its brush roll can be controlled directly from the canister itself. Add to this the self detaching canister unit that converts this vacuum into a portable unit and you get a truly impressive piece of modern engineering.

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Practically livable, that is what one of my neighbors said about the Shark NV356E. She somehow understands what brand I am testing out just by the amount of noise that it generates and this week, she had to come over and inquire if I had taken a day off from cleaning because she could not hear anything. I was impressed with her response and showed her the vacuum cleaner, started it up and she said it created about three times less noise than what she uses, a Hoover stick vac.

Shark NV356E

Shark NV356E

Ease Of Use:

The Shark NV356E uses a unique detachable canister design that lifts off the upright base with ease and can be used as a portable unit on its own. This along with its easy swiveling design makes handling this beautiful vacuum cleaner super easy. I definitely have never seen something so simple in the past and yet so affordable.

Pet Hair:

If you thought pet hair is going to be an issue because of its portable design then think again. In the upright mode, the unit generates so much power that pet hair, dander and anything else it can seek gets sucked inside. In fact, you will probably end up emptying the canister a couple of times in between because of the amount of stuff it sucks in, which is testament to the fact that it is an impressive pet friendly vacuum cleaner.


Quite simple to operate with a separate canister based handheld cleaner, the Shark NV356E is not just a powerful upright vac but also a great carpet sweeper. If you mostly have carpeted surface and do not mind sacrificing a bit of hard floor cleanliness then the Shark NV356E will be great for you. When you do need to give attention to your hardwood areas, just switch over the handy canister vac included along.

  • Maintains a consistent suction power at all times.
  • Uses a bare floor tool with microfiber pads and washable filters.
  • The Complete Seal Tech actually captures 99.9 percent of dust.
  • Smooth gliding wheels with swivel steering for easy maneuverability.
  • Comes with Super stretching hose, pet hair power brush, crevice tool and washable bare floor dusting tool.
Shark NV356E

Affordable and truly ergonomic design with a detachable canister having onboard attachments, great suction power and pet friendly machine.

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