Primer To Various Vacuum Cleaner Brands

Not everyone is attracted by features. Some are concerned about the brand name and what individual brands have to offer. Here is a short intro to all the brands currently in the market, what they are good at and the price they retail at.

Buyer’s Guide Table of Contents:


Widely available, Bissell vacuum cleaners are moderately priced. The upright models usually range from $40 to $270. Bissell also makes upright deep cleaners and heavy duty canisters, exclusive bare floor cleaners all of which are more specific in their offering and naturally cost more. Bissell also deals in carpet cleaning products using the brand name of Woolite. While the focus of this company rests on upright models, they also offer decent canister vacuums in the range of $50 to $230.

Best For – Heavy Duty Upright Vacuum Cleaners

Dirt Devil

All Dirt Devil models are affordable and easy to use. Upright models can cost as much as $250 and start from $40. Some of their offerings are the lightest in the market. As for canister vacuums and stick models, they sell at a price of $80 to $150. You may know this brand better as the maker of handheld vacuum cleaners. Their focus though rests mostly on upright models.

Best For – Lightweight Upright Vacuum Cleaners


Always the innovator, heavy spender on advertisements, Dyson is a brand name synonymous with technological advancements and reliability. Their major offerings come as expensive as $600 but you can find a few for $300. They deal mostly in upright bagless models using the Cyclonic suction technology but lately Dyson has started dealing in handheld vacs too.

Best For – Heavy Duty Upright Vacuum Cleaners


This national brand has a wider marketing strategy. Eureka aims at addressing individual concerns with loads of models and configurations. They are naturally diversified into upright, stick models, canisters, handhelds, carpet only etc. Many of their previous models continue to do well and can be availed at discounted rates. Price Range – $60 to $260 for all products.

Best For – Canister and Handheld Vacuum Cleaners


One of the oldest brands today, Hoover took out its first vacuum in the year 1907. A century has passed on and their reputation has steadily grown into one of dependability and reliability. Recently purchased by Whirlpool, Hoover now sells mostly to mass market retailers and deals exclusively in upright models starting from $50 to $300. They do make canister and stick vacuums, central cleaners, deep cleaners, outdoor sweepers but these aren’t usually marketed to the public.

Best For – Upright Vacuum Cleaners


It started as an exclusive brand that sold only through Sears but now Kenmore is available from many retailers starting from $80 to $300. Kenmore canister vacuums are the most sought after and they offer plenty of options, some of which can cost a whopping $600. Two other unique offerings from Kenmore are carpet shampooer and hard surface canister cleaners.

Best For – Canister Vacuum Cleaners


LG is a major brand name, globally recognized and diversified in its offerings. However, LG vacuums are usually considered to be inferior to exclusive vacuum cleaner brands. Nevertheless, you can find canister ad upright models from them using bagless technology for as low as $250.

Best For – Affordable Bagless Vacuum Cleaners


Miele is a German manufacturer, owned and run as a family business ever since 1920. In the US, Miele focuses only on well-featured high end models both in the canister and upright segment with prices typically varying from $300 to a whopping $1000.

Best For – Feature Rich Heavy Duty Vacuum Cleaners


An all-out Japanese brand, Panasonic started a century ago but has been making vacuum cleaners for the past 50 years focusing mostly on canister and uprights within the price range of $150 to $500.

Best For – Affordable Canister Vacuum Cleaners


A complete German outfit that deals in commercial vacuum cleaners. It entered the US markets in 1979 with high-end vacuums sold exclusively through its distributors. You can now find Sebo products online too, some of which are geared towards the domestic market too. Price range – $300 to $1000

Best For – Commercial Vacuum Cleaners

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