Miele Vacuum Reviews

Miele is a German home appliance brand that has been producing vacuum cleaners since the late 1920s. And as with anything German, quality and precise engineering is a given. Plus, a lot of Miele vacuum cleaner models fall within the price band of $300-$1,200, thereby making them perfect for consumers with an eye for quality over quantity when it comes to home appliances.

Both the upright as well as canister type vacuum cleaners from Miele are quite popular among consumers, and this is mainly due to the appliances featuring simple controls, better safety features, and higher durability when compared to a lot of other mainstream brands.

Innovations Seen In Miele Vacuums:

If you consider allergen trapping, HEPA filtration systems, Miele vacuums rule the roost in this respect thanks mainly due to the patented 12 stage filtration process. Case in point being it’s patented ‘Air-Cleaned Sealed System’ found in the higher end Miele models which have been independently tested and proven to be 99.9% effective.

Different floors demand different suction power from a vacuum cleaner. As a solution certain manufacturers employ multi head adjustment feature to manipulate the height of the suction head. Miele on the other hand has an exclusive ‘Auto Setting’ function which enables the appliance to detect floor variations and apply the requisite suction accordingly!

There are scores of usability enhancement features that can be found in most if not all of the Miele vacuums. Prime among them are the on-board attachment storage and spotlight handle, which can be seen in the better models of Miele canister vacuums. The former allows easy storage of attachment heads within the canister whereas the latter’s extremely handy when cleaning corners, crevices and similar low-light patches of floor space.

Our Reviews of the BEST Miele Vacuums:

Miele S6270 Review

Lightweight and technologically superior, the Miele S6270 is a mid-priced dependable canister vacuum cleaner with a really long power cord and a super-silent diligent motor. It also comes with a wonderful on-board gadget that extends its reach further.

2 Miele S2121 Review

Miele S2121 Review

Plenty of useful attachments, a decent cleaning radius of 29.5 feet, the Miele S2121 Olyumpus vacuum cleaner is efficient and effective on all types of flooring. It smoothly transitions between various surfaces using a toggle switch and offers power selection up to six different levels and three on-board attachments along with a long 7 year casing and motor warranty.

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3 Miele S7260 Review

Miele S7260 Review

Lightweight and powerful, the Miele S7260 features a swivel neck technology that helps move around obstacles with ease as if it were a handheld vacuum. Fitted with a roller brush, 12 foot flexible hose and an effective 54 feet reach, this lightweight performer is excellent for small apartments with more than one floor.

4 Miele S7210 Twist Review

Miele S7210 Twist Review

Miele, a globally renowned brand for vacuum cleaners introduces the Miele S7210 Twist Upright Vacuum Cleaner – a corded base model, which possesses all the functional characteristics required for household cleaning purposes. Super-silent and a powerful motor along with a sturdily built body make this equipment worthy of the top list.