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SwivelNeck technology is what makes the Miele S7260 stand out among the crowd. Now instead of clearing a path for the vacuum cleaner, you can extend, swivel and change the head orientation of the cleaner to adjust according to the furniture position. So, now you can move around, maneuver and clean your house just the way you want to. It is precise in its control and movement, highly responsive and versatile too. Roller brush with spring loading for clearing debris and dirt from deep piles helps maintain carpet floors better. For polished floors, the head lifts up transitioning with ease. It also comes with a 12 foot flexible hose for cleaning drapery, ceiling and upholstery. Its 54 feet effective reach is capable of adjusting automatically to various surfaces and providing consistent suction. Some other features of the Miele S7260 are its AirClean FilterBag, Active Air Clean Filter to retain and remove maximum dirt and dust. Some included accessories with the Miele are the Mini Turbo Brush, LED headlight and crevice nozzle.

Bare Floors
Hose Airflow Strength
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Pet Hair
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I won’t even discuss the Miele S7260 with regards to carpets. Considering its exclusive pet care tag, it obviously does an excellent job with carpets. Plenty of power, exactly 1200 Watts delivering an awesome output, you can be assured of a great experience with carpets. By the way, the knob to adjust the height and motor power is situated to the top of the handle so you never have to bend down to adjust anything with this vacuum cleaner.

Bare Floors:

With its heavy frame, powerful output and the ability to control almost everything from the top of the handle, you obviously won’t find any issues trying to transition from one kind of surface to another. Best of all, I found its bare floor performance at par with carpet cleaning even if it meant trying to suck in sand grains and large debris that usually clog up other lesser vacuum cleaners.

Hose Airflow Strength:

For a machine that I spend $600 or more I definitely expect a lot of power and performance. The Miele S7260 did not disappoint me with this regards as it packs in an impressive 1200 Watt of power that builds a powerful jet torrent of air sucking in anything near the nozzle. I also found the nozzle quite capable of dealing with thick rugs and Persian carpets that are otherwise the hardest to clean out.

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For its size and build quality, I have to say that this bagged upright Miele miracle doesn’t make much noise. I have tried out Hoovers in the past that were equally adept at cleaning but made as much noise as a jet taking off.

Miele S7260

Miele S7260

Ease Of Use:

Nothing beats a Miele in terms of Ease of Use. Even though nothing is automated with the Miele S7260, the presence of all controls on the handle makes it mighty easy switching between floors, increasing the motor power and much more. Besides, the extendable hose makes cleaning ceiling and hard to reach places that much easier without any noticeable drop in suction power.

Pet Hair:

This is the one place where the Miele S7260 shines out the most. I have two cats and expect any vacuum cleaner to leave back a bit of dander here and there. This Cat and Dog cleaner astonished me as I could not find a single speck of hair anywhere, be it on the upholstery, carpet or my bathroom floor. I must say, Miele’s German engineering has actually converted an otherwise normal S7 series vacuum cleaner into a truly adept pet hair cleaner that picks out a lot of dander and pet hair. Add to this the Charcoal filter that eliminates odor too.


A complete pet care solution for your house, the Miele S7260 is a cat and dog specialist that will clean your house out to the smallest particle leaving no trace behind. Its unique design with plenty of technological features makes it easy to use and suitable for any domestic household with pets. The Miele S7260 is a must have vacuum cleaner for people who love pets or those who have asthma and suffer from allergies.

  • Uses Swivel Neck Technology that helps in pivoting around furniture legs, cleaning below furniture and offers ultimate maneuverability.
  • The brush roller is spring loaded to automatically adjust its height based on the surface being cleaned without losing out on any suction.
  • Uses HEPA filters with an auto sealing Filter Bag that together ensure a sealed system that is ideal for asthma and allergy patients while dealing with pet hair efficiently.
  • Bright LED Headlights help illuminate the immediately surroundings.
  • Charcoal layers in the Active Air Clean Filter unit helps absorb pet odors and neutralize odd smells.
  • Great with delicate upholstery, cut-pile carpets and rugs.
Miele S7260

Great regardless of what you do with it or what kind of surface you use it on. It is the best with pet hair removal. A truly versatile upright bagged vacuum cleaner made for asthma and allergy folks.

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