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Presenting one of the best cleaning solutions ever, with the Miele S6270 Quartz Canister Vacuum Cleaner that takes the drudgery out of your daily cleaning chores. Handy and elegant, this small powerhouse of a machine that hardly weighs 10 pounds is the answer to your cleaning woes. The incredibly silent motor is efficient enough to suck up even microscopic dust particles, and leaves your home spic and span in a matter of minutes. Introducing the handiest tool for the harassed housewife or working mom. The S6270 Quartz Canister Vacuum Cleaner is a wonder gadget that saves a lot of your precious time. It is perfect for removing the dust even from the trickiest areas on your couch and curtains, thanks to the efficient suction system built into this sturdy machine. The machine’s sleek design is meant to retain 99.9% of the dust and grime that it removes without a trace. It features precise German engineering with focus on quality, and a robust build, to ensure longer life in spite of continuous use daily, for years together.

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Cleaning carpets need not be a dull chore anymore. Fast and efficient cleaning, with deep penetration into hidden crevices is made easy with the unique AllTeQ attachment that comes with the S6270 Quartz Canister Vacuum Cleaner. Has a handy foot-switch to switch over from hard floors to carpets, without turning off the cleaner. The powerful suction feature ensures dust is not dispersed while cleaning, and helps keep the air indoors absolutely clean and fresh after the chore is done. The smooth AllTeQ accessory ensures that it doesn’t get entangled with any strands in the carpet.

Bare Floors:

Cleaning floors could never have been easier, thanks to the ultra smart Miele S6270 Quartz Canister Vacuum Cleaner. The unique technology automatically senses bare floors in a partially carpeted room, and raises the brush head accordingly. The cleaner works well on all types of bare floors, and takes just one pass to make a thorough job of cleaning.

Hose Airflow Strength:

The vacuum cleaner comes with a powerful motor that works efficiently, and is almost whisper-silent. It is fixed with superior filters that ensure constant airflow strength throughout the cleaning process. The Six-stage suction button allows for adjustment of airflow strength, helps save time and power. Absorbs microscopic dust particles and allergens and leaves your floor spanking clean.

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Unique noise abatement technology in the motor ensures minimum vibration, and lowest noise levels. The machine does not tend to make unwanted noise while in use, even when cleaning stubborn dust, for long stretches of time, continuously. The automatic indicator on for filter-bag lets you know when it is full.

Miele S6270

Miele S6270

Ease Of Use:

The best feature with this brilliant vacuum cleaner is probably the ease of use. Moreover, it is absolutely safe, and easy for even kids to handle. The accessories are easy to fix when required, and the smooth change-over from bare floors to carpeted areas is one of the best liked features. The retractable cord is a blessing indeed, as is the hose length, avoiding the need to lug the cleaner around. Anyone using it for the first time is sure to fall in love with this wonder machine. Non-electric hose, with telescopic wand helps reach up to crevices in curtains easily.

Pet Hair:

You can’t blame your pets for shedding fur all over the house. This being a health hazard, needs to be cleaned up thoroughly, almost on a daily basis. The S6270 Quartz Canister Vacuum Cleaner is equipped to handle such delicate stuff and removes every single strand, even from the trickiest of crevices in couches and carpets.


This innovative vacuum cleaner comes with solutions for almost all the cleaning needs one can think of. A must-have for most homes, irrespective of the locality you live in. The device helps you maintain your home spic and span, with little or minimum effort. The efficiency, ease of use, and the near silent performance, and the minimum power consumption are probably the main features that make this product one of the most preferred today.

  • The Miele S6270 comes with a unique combination floor tool aptly called AllTeQ, which is great for penetrating deep into the tiny gaps in carpets and rugs.
  • Easy to switch over from smooth wood or marble floors to any carpeted surface, whether it is a room or a staircase, with the flick of the rocker switch.
  • Extra long electrical cord, with auto-retract feature, prevents messy tangling of the cord when cleaning is in progress.
  • Three useful accessories, including a brush for dusting, an upholstery tool and a nozzle to reach into tiny crevices, fixed firmly with a VarioClip
  • Clearance to clean area within a 33-foot radius, without having to move the Miele S6270 around.
  • Adjustable, six-stage-suction, rotary dial-power button that lets you select the level of power according to the concentration of dust on the surface.
  • Filtration system designed with advanced technology cleans the floor and cleanses the air indoors.
  • 7-year twin warranty for casing and motor that ensures hassle-free use for a long time.
Miele S6270 Quartz Canister Vacuum

It’s lightweight, with extra long cord, and a lengthy hose with metal wand to reach difficult areas. It works as efficiently on hardwood as on marble or tile floors, leaving no trace of dust.

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