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LG takes a square approach at automated home vacuuming with the Hom-Bot LrV790R. Its square design helps reach closer to corners and wall edges clearing out debris and dirt using long side brushes. Compared with the traditional round shaped robovacs, its square shape translates into a higher cleaning efficiency. Revolutionary Dual-Eye Movement brings in the idea of bi-vision with two cameras, one mounted on top and the other at the bottom to create a 3D map of the house calculating the best cleaning path 50 times per second so as not to miss a spot. The LG LrV790R understands the difference between various surfaces and varying dirt density. It automatically adjusts suction power, stops or starts the brush rolls depending on the kind of surface operating on while using turbo performance for cleaning pet hair. If in case the Square bot gets sidetracked or cleaning is interrupted, the vacuum will automatically move to a new area and start over again using the Auto-Resume feature. Add to this the presence of Photographic Memory to recognize areas cleaned on previous passes so that it doesn’t spend time on the same spot twice. Furthermore, this vacuum multi-tasks with side brushes, sweeper, main brush and variable suction power for a clean looking home without the need for human interference.

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My home is part carpet and part bare floors so naturally any vacuum cleaner I get has to tackle both these surfaces equally well, more so if it is for an exorbitant amount of money. The LG Hom-Bot Square LrV790R is a cute appliance that goes crazy the moment you turn it on. To begin with, it is actually quite adept in charting course through a whole array of furniture and obstacles. My living room has a medium pile carpet with a large central rug. After reading the extensive manual, I decided to set it up for a sector based cleaning mode and watch what it does. It actually moves over every inch of the carpet twice before proceeding to another sector. While it won’t remove 100 percent of everything lying around, it does a neat 90 percent of the cleaning so that you don’t have to spend too much time tidying up your carpeted area during weekly heavy vacuuming.

Bare Floors:

Bare floor is where the LG Hom-Bot Square LrV790R excels the most. This red beauty with its square design has got tiny brushes to the sides that graze the wall edges as it cleans out bare floors. The end result is dirt and dust stuck on the sides and in corners get parried into the dust collector of the robovac. I find my bare floors considerably cleaner with the LG Hom-Bot than before and end up spending 2/3rd less time cleaning it later in the week.

Airflow Strength:

Just from the sound levels, one might think that the LG Hom-Bot LrV790R is under powered but the truth is that it packs a lot of suction power. So much at times that if you aren’t careful with stuff lying around, it can easily suck in charging cables, socks and such stuffs. This will eventually damage the brush or the internal mechanism so be very careful with what you leave lying around.

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Among all iRobot, Neato, Samsung and LG robovacs, the LrV790R is the quietest. This robotic vacuum hums its way through a room such that you can have a conversation in normal voice or watch television without having to strain your ears.

Ease Of Use:

The Dual Eye Movement system depends on ambient light. Hence, as long as you leave the lights on in the house and schedule it, the LG Hom-Bot LrV790R should manage just fine. It provides three cleaning modes namely, sector based cleaning, Turbo operation and zig-zag pattern. The sector based cleaning is excellent for carpet and large rooms, zig-zag works great with smaller rooms and for a quick breeze through the house, the Turbo mode works best. Moreover, it takes around 2 hours to fully charge the batteries, which then lasts for a good 2 hours. Add to this the remote control with all settings and options that makes controlling this red beauty super easy. I particularly like the audio response built into the robovac that speaks a total of 120 phrases depending on what you request from it.

LG Hom-Bot Square LRV790R

LG Hom-Bot Square LRV790R

Pet Hair:

While the LG Hom-Bot Square LrV790R does a fine job picking out pet hair, eventually it tends to get stuck on large strands. This is probably because of its overall versatile nature and the use of fine brushes. Nevertheless, it does an excellent job reducing your pet hair complications, especially if you have more than one pet.


With lots of spare parts, an intelligent processor, silent operation and dependable design, the expensive LG Hom-Bot Square LrV790R is truly state-of-the-art by design and function. Set it up, lean back and relax as it silently chugs along your home cleaning the floor and anything on it without any complains. For those who want a truly hands free experience or hate weekly cleaning chores, this is the robovac to get. It will reduce the frequency of heavy vacuuming and keep your home clean all the time.

  • Automatic scheduling feature for hands free operation.
  • Uses Lithium Ion Polymer for greater battery life and a longer life cycle.
  • Insulated body helps absorb noise and reduce vibrations.
  • Uses Magellan Mapping technology, a remote control for manually controlled cleaning.
  • Remote docking station for automatic battery recharging during scheduled cleaning.
  • Uses HEPA grade filters for clearing common allergens.
  • It sweeps while it vacuums helping clean corners, hard surfaces, edges and carpets with ease.
LG Hom-Bot Square LRV790R

Excellent with bare floor, versatile with carpets and rugs, plenty of suction power without the accompanying noise levels.

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