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Up until now, the iRobot Roombas ruled the roost when it came to the robotic vacuum market. LG and a few notable brands did come close to toppling it down the hill, but none managed to achieve that because of the lack of model options. ILife though aims at changing all that with its lineup of robotic vacuum cleaners. The ILIFE V3s is a mid-range robo-vacuum with a narrow body and structure, plenty of sensors and a massive battery allowing it to operate independently throughout your house on any kind of surface. This robovac actually has total of 4 automatic modes and boasts of a self-charging 2600 mAh battery. It is a perfect competition to Roombas and my first impressions are pretty good thus far. Read on and find out whether the ILIFE can climb to the top of the robotic ladder.

Bare Floors
Airflow Strength
Ease Of Use
Pet Hair
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ILIFE V3s Robotic Vacuum ILIFE V3s Robotic Vacuum

Our Review:


No worries here, carpet cleaning is a breeze. While it does not boast of a lot of brushes like you see on Roomba models, there is enough suction power to irritate dust and grime from within carpet fiber gaps. Besides, the ability to move up inclinations of 15mm or less allows it to transition well between carpet and non-carpeted surfaces. This is an absolute must with any automated vacuum cleaner and it allows the ILIFE V3s robotic vacuum cleaner to actually clean my cloth floor mats and even fiber floor mats.

Bare Floors:

Pretty impressive on bare floors too. The speed is a tad slow because of which it does not skip or miss areas on bare floors. Wooden floors, tiles, marble – just about any kind of surface gets a quick cleanup when ILIFE comes to visit.

Airflow Strength:

Nothing to complain here either. It has sufficient suction power for all types of floors plus the design ensures maximum cleaning. Can’t really speak on the motor or whether it could produce more airflow strength but what it gives at the moment is decent enough. Besides, as the upper bin fills up, there is hardly any impact on the airflow strength, which is a big positive on such automated models. You don’t want to return home only to see half your house cleaned but the remaining half looking untidy!

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Yup, the ILIFE V3s is actually quieter than Roombas. May not be as endowed as the top end Roombas but it sure is silent at just under 57db. You could have the vacuum clean-up early morning right before you wake up and it will not disturb you.

ILIFE V3s Robotic Vacuum

ILIFE V3s Robotic Vacuum

Ease Of Use:

4 modes are all you get. Set the right mode and off it goes. Here’s something very interesting about the ILIFE. The instruction booklet is detailed but not necessary to start with. Why? Because the modes are self-explanatory and intuitive. Everything about this robo-vac is simple and user-friendly including the LCD panel and controls. Select your preferred option and let the machine go do its rounds until it feels tired and needs a charge.

Pet Hair:

The one area where the ILIFE V3s robotic vacuum truly trumps all other robotic competition. It does an amazing job gobbling up dust and grime but an even better job cleaning pet hair. Got dogs or cats that shed more than they eat in the form of body hair? The ILIFE V3s silently goes about gathering up pet hair and stashing it away in the top bin. No worries on the kind of flooring either since it picks up pet hair from within deep carpet fibers too!


An absolute beauty of technology, this ILIFE V3s is not even top-of-the-line. There’s another model called the V5 that comes above this. I wonder how that will fair out. But for now, the V3s is my latest favorite robo-vac and I have decided to keep the review piece I got because I love it so much. I am thinking of decorating it with a little graffiti work, just because I love it so much. If you have a larger upright or a canister vacuum but don’t always want to vacuum your home every week, then get this ILIFE. Every day, it does a little cleaning on your behalf so you can procrastinate on thoroughly vacuuming your home a little longer.

  • Sleek and slim design of just 3 inches in height makes cleaning under furniture possible.
  • Rated at just 55db of noise level during peak activity periods.
  • Total of 14 smart sensors helps the V3 avoid dropping down stairs or bumping into obstacles.
  • Can climb on 15mm obstacles allowing for multi-floor cleaning
  • Can continue to vacuum for about 100 minutes before requiring a charge thanks to the 2600mAh battery.
  • Operates on total of 4 modes.
  • Comes with 1 year of complete protection warranty.
ILIFE V3s Robotic Vacuum

Slim, sleek, and not that expensive really if you compare with iRobot offerings. Plus, this machine can transition between floorings easily, bumps soft on furniture and cleans pet hair with ease.

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