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Lightweight design and an ultra-maneuverable structure combine together innovation with performance in the Hoover UH70120. It is a vacuum cleaner amped up on steroids ready to clean your house top to bottom. Five position height adjustment for carpets and other kinds of floor, WindTunnel technology patented by Hoover and a dirt cup to hold dirt are some of its obvious features. Then there are plenty of onboard accessories that take care of draperies, under furniture areas and crevices. You also get a 8 foot long extendible hose that flexes easily and helps in cleaning stairs without having to chug the entire machine over each step. Tools onboard include a crevice attachment, wand extension of 12 inches reach, dusting brush and powered hand tool. The dirt cup removes the need for bags and thus maintains a decent suction at all times even at 3/4th full capacity. As long as you use the machine as instructed, you will always have clean air to breathe, free of pollutants and a happy motor. Comfort grips, 13 and half inch nozzle width, fingertip controls and quick cord 27 foot rewinding capacity complete its tertiary features. The Hoover UH70120 has a power packed 12 amp motor and is protected by two year limited warranty.

Bare Floors
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Our Review:


5 different height adjustments for the Hoover UH70120 helps it manage carpet with ease and if you were bothered about the power required to clean deep piled carpets then think again as the 12 Amp motor generates enough suction with its dual cyclonic technology to truly unearth loads of dirt and debris. I haven’t experienced a better carpet performance with any other vacuum cleaner till date especially with anything that cost much less than $300, so in my view this is an awesome carpet cleaner.

Bare Floors:

Coming to bare floors, the Hoover UH70120 is a decent performer but not as strong as it is with carpet floors. This is possibly because of its lightweight nature and the lack of nozzle width. Nevertheless, I found that it takes only a couple of passes on most bare floor surfaces to truly eliminate every last speck of dust from the surface.

Hose Airflow Strength:

The Hoover UH70120 obviously doesn’t have a lot of hose airflow strength but it is ample enough to clean out every conceivable kind of surface. Using a dual cyclonic technology that Hoover patented as the Wind Tunnel tech, it does produce a decent amount of suction. I am happy with what I got considering that this Hoover is just under $100. I know, I have repeated the price of this vacuum cleaner a second time already but this is just to put it into context.

Comparable Vacuums

A lot of power and a touch of class make for clean, clean floors.


Once again in relation to the price of the Hoover UH70120 I must say that it is actually not that noisy and whatever noise it makes is just another indicator of its awesome power output. Lightweight and yet 12 Amp motor blessed, this vacuum cleaner ought to make a little noise otherwise my neighbors might just end up thinking that my latest acquisition is a cheap knock-off of a Dyson or Eureka!

Hoover UH70120

Hoover UH70120

Ease Of Use:

Starting from the onboard accessories to the upright unit itself, using this beauty is super easy. Ok so don’t expect too much from it because of its price but you can definitely chug it around without ever once feeling bogged down. Add to this the 5 height adjustment levels, useful HEPA filtration system and retractable hose. Together it is super easy to use. My only complaint though is that the retractable hose tends to get entangled with the suction head because it originates too close to the base.

Pet Hair:

I was totally not expecting the Hoover UH70120 to manage pet hair but with two cats in the house, I knew that if any vacuum cleaner was going to get my blessings it had to manage the hair frenzy that my house almost always is. After 2 hours of thorough cleaning, my house is spotless, free of every last strand of pet hair and definitely freer of dander and mites. My take on its pet cleaning ability – it blasts plenty of other Pet specialist upright bagless cleaners out of the way!


I felt the Hoover UH70120 had sufficient suction power and enough working accessories for an average household. A large 12 Amp motor with quite operations, HEPA filters and all the other features give this vacuum cleaner a lot of thrill at a really reasonable cost. It is a vacuum cleaner that anyone would like to own.

  • WindTunnel technology increases suction power and upright lightweight design improves maneuverability.
  • 13.5 inch nozzle width, five height adjustments.
  • Extension Wand, upholstery brush, power hand tool and crevice tool onboard.
  • 12 Amp motor, 27 foot power cord with quick retracting feature and HEPA filter.
  • 2 year limited warranty.
Hoover UH70120

Low cost alternative to heavier, more able commercial bagless vacuum cleaners without compromising on overall performance and ability.

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