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Your total cleaning solution to everyday household dirt, grime and pet hair accumulation, the WindTunnel Technology competent, Hoover UH30010COM is a power packed 12-amp vacuum cleaner that uses canisters to improve suction capacity. With HEPA bags, dust, mold, pollen and other allergens are completely sucked out of the atmosphere and the floor leaving a 99.97 percent clean environment, which is great for allergic and asthma prone folks. This cleaner is designed with a lot of user friendliness in mind such as a bag full indicator that lets you know when it is full and also seals itself to eliminate release of dust before manual removal. The most attractive feature of this vacuum cleaner is its dual purpose design that incorporates a base unit with bagged operation and a side unit for using all attachments that uses a bagless design for portability. With a total of 35 feet long cord, this vacuum cleaner is great for an average household. It comes with a telescopic extension, dusting brush, carry strap, crevice tool, floor brush and HEPA bag. The Hoover UH30010COM is protected by a long 5 year warranty too.

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Exclusively designed for carpet cleaning, the Hoover UH30010COM is possibly the best in the market for any kind of pile type floor such as deep rugs, carpets, upholstery and much more. The upright bagged unit doesn’t make a lot of noise but somehow delivers such an impressive performance that leaves heavily dirtied rugs looking brand new while many other carpet cleaners had previously failed altogether. Add to this its useful lightweight nature and true edge cleaning services and you get an upright that is simple to take along anywhere in the house, including the stairs and under furniture.

Bare Floors:

Intelligent and truly useful, the Hoover UH30010COM is a good bare floor cleaner but the only reason I say that it is an awesome carpet cleaner and not a bare floor specialist is because it can do three times more amazing feats on carpet than it can on hard floors. Nevertheless, both the canister unit and the upright do great with bare floor regardless of the type or location. Handle based buttons help shut down the brush rolls while also helping adjust the height so as to get a better closure between the cleaning head and the floor.

Hose Airflow Strength:

Normally I don’t like units that are too light especially if they are upright but after seeing the Hoover UH30010COM work its magic on every imaginable floor type, I am least bothered with its hose airflow strength. Both units seem to generate exactly as much strength of airflow as is required. While the canister model takes in attachments and extends its reach by around 35 feet, the upright unit takes none but yet manages to give an impressive performance.

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Practically a silent dust buster, both the canister and bagged upright units are super silent. Where other uprights make a jet taking off kind of noise, this baby purrs into life and hums through the last second. The canister in turn makes much less of a ruckus than its upright brother!

Hoover CH30010COM

Hoover CH30010COM

Ease Of Use:

Can you beat the combination of a canister bagless portable cleaner with a matching upright bagged cleaner? With all conceivable features found in top end commercial cleaners such as edge cleaning, beater head, self-adjusting movement, lightweight nature, carry handle, loads of attachments and so much more, I simply cannot begin with how impressed I was with the Hoover UH30010COM. It is the easiest vacuum cleaner that I have ever used till date.

Pet Hair:

Worried about pet hair clogging up your rug? Maybe your sofa now looks like a den and needs thorough cleaning. Forget about all the hard work to get rid of pet hair. Start with the upright and give your entire floor a thorough clean. Once done, take out the canister unit and change attachments as necessary to attack furniture, upholstery and every place imaginable. The end result of using both the units of the Hoover UH30010COM will be a squeaky clean house with zero visible remnant of pet presence.


If it is mostly a carpet cleaner that you are after then the Hoover UH30010COM will suit you perfectly. In fact, with a powerful brushed automatic height adjusting head carpet, with thick and thin pile, all get treated the same. Innovations galore, plenty of attachments and versatility in its use, the Hoover UH30010COM looks like a solid machine with a handy side kick in the form of a canister, 7 Amp hose vac.

  • Upright vacuum cleaner with HEPA bag design and a power packed 12 Amp motor.
  • Features Wind Tunnel and Direct Air Flow technology for efficient and quick results.
  • 2 speed control, fingertip controls and bag full indicator.
  • Comes with dusting brush, bare-floor brush, canister vacuum and a telescopic wand.
  • Protected by long 5 year warranty.
Hoover UH30010COM

Dual design offers a separate canister cleaner with attachments and a base upright bagged unit that is also lightweight and easy to use. Offers an impressive reach and functionality with its dual unit design.

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