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WindTunnel Technology, so commonly seen in all Hoover vacuum cleaners makes an appearance in the Hoover U6485900 helping it suck up dirt with prowess. It’s deep cleaning and powerful with a self-driven unit that moves reverse and forward on its own and never lets dirt scatter across the floor. Pure convenience of the user kept in mind, the vac draws power through a 31 foot long cord on the side and lets you control power, speed and 3 position adjustment by placing the controls at fingertip distance right on the handle. This particular Hoover unit is capable of handling hard floors as well as carpets. In fact, it is designed for pet hair too thanks to the deluxe attached stretching hose. Plenty of tools help you get pet hair out of nooks and crannies so that your house never stinks of pet hair. The Dirt Finger mechanism in the Hoover U6485900 finds dirt for you and sees what you can never see. An intuitive set of red and green lights lets you know where dirt hides and where it is cleaned dry. No need of lamps to guide your path when it is intelligent enough to locate dirt on your behalf. Plus, this vac depends on HEPA quality bags that trap over 99.99 percent of all allergens released from the carpet and coming in through the windows.

Bare Floors
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As a bagged design, the Hoover U6485900 actually manages to generate a higher suction power and with its edge cleaning ability, greater suction and self propelled nature cleaning out carpets is mighty easy. Add to this the effective beater brush head with the ability to adjust its height and you get a dependable carpet cleaner.

Bare Floors:

For bare floors, the Hoover U6485900 removes the involvement of the brushroll head and ensures that it generates a decent pull on every conceivable kind of surface. The Hoover’s bagged design also generates a greater suction power, which automatically manages to handle bare floors with ease.

Hose Airflow Strength:

Among the three models from Hoover that used HEPA grade bags and are supposedly the best according to Consumer Reports, the U6485900 has the highest airflow strength considering the fact that it offers edge-to-edge cleaning, extra filters, self-propulsion and many more features. Quite naturally, you get an intelligent vacuum that will definitely clean any surface with meticulous care without ever neglecting the edges either.

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Expect the Hoover U6485900 to be quite noisy because of the many filters and a thicker bag design. In fact, I believe it is the large motor that powers this beast and gives it a violent noise profile. Be sure to use earplugs if you plan on bending down to pick up large debris from the way while using the vacuum cleaner or else you may have to pause the machine periodically to do the same else suffer through temporary deafness.

Hoover U6485900

Hoover U6485900

Ease Of Use:

Considering the heavy nature of this Hoover beast, it is nice to see self-propulsion mechanism that actually makes it feel about 15 pounds lighter but unfortunately, using it on bare floor might leave faint scratch marks especially if it is laminated. It comes with edge to edge cleaning, plenty of onboard accessories and a handy turbo cleaning nozzle that takes care of furniture and upholstery. Even the dirt finder works splendidly and at times is overzealous at powering through rugs to get to the dirt underneath it! My only major complain is with the bag full indicator that at times fails to sound an alert. You only find out the bag is full after noticing a considerable drop in efficiency.

Pet Hair:

While nowhere in the manual or the website is the Hoover U6485900 described as a pet hair specialist, it nonetheless manages to work well in seeking pet hair from every nook and cranny of the house. With its impressive suction potential and the ability to handle larger debris too, you won’t have to worry about leaving behind pet hair, dander or mites. This is especially great for asthma patients as this vacuum cleaner won’t stop after picking up a few stray hairs, it continues to power through carpet piles in search of deep rooted dander too.


If all you are looking for is a reliable and inexpensive vacuum cleaner with just enough features to go by then the Hoover U6485900 is best suited to your needs. In fact, just wire it up, pull out the hose and start cleaning where you wish to and when it is time to do the carpets, let it drive around and do the cleaning for you. This is an excellent task master of its own and will reduce vacuuming fatigue of the user.

  • Upright bagged designed with Wind Tunnel suction technology.
  • Dirt Finder and self-driven wheels.
  • Stretching hose, pet hair tool, rotating brushes and on-board accessory storage.
  • D-grip handle, easy wheels and triple position adjustment.
  • Covered by 3 year warranty.
Hoover U6485900

Loads of features, plenty of suction power, excellent work rate and well constructed body ensures longevity and dependable usage.

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