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The BH50030 from Hoover also tagged as the Platinum LINX comes with a special pet hair removal tool to tackle really stubborn pet hair. This handheld vacuum is a li-ion battery powered device with fade free power and twice the running time. It comes with a power head that uses a brushroll with a 25 degree pivoting design for easier usability. As for the pet upholstery tool, it uses a triple blade design to firmly grab hold of pet hair embedded deep inside upholstery. The final attachment is the deluxe dusting brush with dual rows of soft bristles that make it simpler to clean delicate fabrics and surfaces. This Hoover handheld vacuum cleaner comes with a six year limited warranty on all parts with 2 years on the battery and charger.

Bare Floors
Airflow Strength
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Pet Hair
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Carpets are the specialty of the Hoover Platinum LINX BH50030. This handheld packs in a massive 18 Volt battery that not only powers the vacuum but also the motorized brush head helping it get deep inside carpets. At the end of the day, what you get is the ability to get to the crevices around stairs and under furniture or clean upholstery.

Bare Floors:

The folding down deluxe dusting brush is excellent for bare floors but that doesn’t mean it will be effective on a large surface. Even before this Hoover miracle can clean out an entire floor you will have to clean its canister up at least twice. Yes, it does pick up everything in its way.

Hose Airflow Strength:

18 Volt Li-ion battery is the most you can get in handheld vacuums which in itself speaks a lot about the hose airflow strength. This little handheld actually has so much power that if you use the attachments with a bit too much zeal it can easily break off because of the strain produced in them.

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Not as noisy as other handheld devices and definitely much more silent than a Black & Decker or Dirt Devil. I personally appreciated the efforts taken to muffle the sound levels in the Hoover BH50030. It is at least three times less noisy then the Makita I tried out a few weeks back.

Hoover LINX BH50030

Hoover LINX BH50030

Ease Of Use:

With three uniquely designed accessories, each evidently different in usability, the Hoover Platinum LINX BH50030 is an intuitive machine to use. Yes, its attachments are a bit too flimsy in construction but once you get used to its design and performance, it is a real charm to use. Even the battery charger that requires you to remove the battery and charge it separately is a well thought out design idea to help prolong the life of the handheld unit.

Pet Hair:

Designed exclusively to tackle pet hair everywhere, the Hoover Platinum LINX BH50030 is a master at finding and removing deep rooted pet hair even if it is stuck in the deepest crevices of furniture or under the bed. Just let the nozzle go as deep as possible and it will do the rest.


Phenomenal power, loads of scenarios to use with, the design of the Hoover Platinum LINX BH50030 is such that it attracts dust and pet hair towards it without the user needing to manually locate and struggle with. This handheld vacuum runs longer, doesn’t make a huge mess while emptying and won’t make much noise either, it is ideal for the fuss-free kind of person.

  • Tackles stubborn pet hair without the need of cords using the triple blade pet hair attachment.
  • Uses interchangeable standard Li-ion 18Volt Hoover batteries that offer fade free longer lasting power.
  • 25 degree pivoting nozzle for easier maneuverability.
  • Triple blade pet upholstery tool, deluxe dusting brush with softer bristles and a power head for deep piled carpets all inclusive in the packaging.
Hoover Platinum LINX BH50030

Advanced by design, reliable in performance and totally cutting edge, this handheld could very well have been a full sized vacuum.

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