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The Hoover CH3000 is a lightweight vacuum cleaner that features an easy to transport, efficient and compact system with an impressive 2.2 peak HP motor. Excellent for homes with multiple floors, it can also work as a blower when required utilizing a triple layered commercial cloth bag with the ability to take paper bags when required. This unique design also packs in plenty of accessories such as a stair tread, crevice tool, floor/wall brush, furniture nozzle, dusting brush, two chrome wands, shoulder strap, rug nozzle and storage strap. The Hoover CH3000 is a rare canister vacuum from an otherwise upright centric brand but it still manages to pack in plenty of exciting features into a futuristic design.

Bare Floors
Hose Airflow Strength
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Pet Hair
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With a carpet attachment and a rug attachment both featuring brush heads and the impressive suction developed by the 2.2 HP motor, the Hoover CH3000 easily pulls out dirt, grime and dust from the deepest crevices and deep piled carpets. I found it easy to work with rugs and upholstery because of the shoulder strap design of the canister that removes the need to drag it around everywhere I go and with the long 33.5 feet power cord you don’t really have to unplug it as you move from one room to another.

Bare Floors:

For bare floors there is a single attachment without brush heads that simply sucks everything in its way. Again the suction is so much that it doesn’t hesitate to pick up stray large particles. I am not sure if this will damage the machine but because it uses cloth bags, I am not that worried. In fact, if you have a lot of bare floor then it is best to use paper bags that will easily handle a single time use without rupturing in the event you start lazing around not picking up large hard debris.

Hose Airflow Strength:

An impressive 2.2 HP motor packs in so much power that the hose airflow strength is the strongest among all canister vacuums around. It doesn’t vary all that much regardless of the nozzle or attachment used although with the pet hair specific attachment I did notice a greater suction pressure.

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Unfortunately, the Hoover CH3000 is too powerful for its size, so do expect a hefty amount of noise. Thankfully when you swing it on your shoulder towards the back, most of the noise goes out from the back so you won’t feel that much bothered but if you try to keep it on the floor and vacuum, be ready to shout out the simplest messages to others around.

Hoover CH3000

Hoover CH3000

Ease Of Use:

Attaching and removing the accessories is super easy thanks to the twist locking mechanism and the build quality is more than commendable, actually comparable with the accessories offered by Dyson’s bagless canister vacuums. Moving on, the longer cord distance is a welcome addition, especially when cleaning stairs or under furniture. Finally, I found the shoulder strap to be the best ergonomic feature of the Hoover CH3000 that takes my mind off making sure the canister doesn’t get stuck on furniture legs or in deep carpet/rug.

Pet Hair:

The single pet hair attachment has thicker brushes and rotates using air power to go deep into rug, furniture upholstery and carpets. However, if the fabric on your furniture is of a delicate nature, it is best to switch to the rug attachment with softer bristles. Regardless, owing to its phenomenal power and suction you won’t have any issues trying to suck up every last strand of pet hair.


Overtly powerful and adept, the Hoover CH3000 might be a canister vacuum that operates with cloth bags but it is just as capable and useful as a heavy upright minus the heaviness. 8 accessories that work well in their own sphere, a really long cord and loads of suction, you simply cannot go wrong with the Hoover CH3000 dirt buster canister vacuum.

  • 2.2 HP motor operating at 120 Volt.
  • Triple layered cloth bag, capable of interchanging with inexpensive paper bags.
  • Total of 8 attachments for stairs, crevices, rugs, carpets, pet hair, dusting and more.
  • Two chrome wands for extra reach.
  • 33.5 feet cord distance.
  • One year long warranty directly from the manufacturer.
Hoover CH3000

Total of 8 attachments, plenty of power, raw suction and usability with an ergonomic over-the-shoulder strap design.

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