Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Buyer’s Guide

Areas that aren’t accessible by a large vacuum cleaner usually require a handheld device. Besides they are also great at picking up pet hair, cleaning adamant stains and reaching hard to reach corners and crevices. If you follow through the points laid below, you will manage to find a perfect handheld vacuum cleaner catering exactly to your requirements.

Use the following guidelines to choose an efficient handheld vacuum model, adapted to your specific needs.

Buyer’s Guide Table of Contents:

Cord Vs Cordless

Handheld vacuum cleaners can either be corded or cordless. Now cordless designs are truly portable by nature but lack the power or torque of a corded version. Nevertheless, a few larger handhelds tend to match up with the power derived directly from an AC source. However, corded vacuum cleaners are smaller and compact while being easier to use.


Now by convention most handheld vacuum cleaners are a little heavy to pick up because they have to pack in a motor and the vacuuming mechanism together. A few are designed to reduce the weight on your palms and can last well through extended use while others are made to be overtly powerful without any regard for the weight. Decide what you want more, power or weight control.

Battery Time

If its a cordless version then you have to look at the battery time. Not only is it important to get a long lasting battery powered cleaner but one that does not take too much time to charge. There are a few brands that provide 30 minutes or more charge and others that use too small of a battery with juice just enough for 10 minutes.


Capacity is something that is dependent on the design of the vacuum cleaner. A few use dirt cups and hence will have limited capacity while others use a small filter with dirt bag, offering a higher capacity.


Vacuum cleaners usually derive their power from a powerful motor. In the case of handheld vacuum cleaners, the power comes from a battery pack. Two different vacuum cleaners, both deriving power from 5 Volt batteries can have varying power levels. To find out the power levels you will have to find out the Air Watt rating. Moreover, larger handheld vacuum cleaners tend to possess larger batteries and hence more power. Nevertheless, a few small vacuum cleaners tend to compromise on the battery life and yet maintain more power.


Does the handheld cleaner come with accessories, onboard tools or wet and dry dual function? Brush attachments, extension wands and crevice tools are all handy to have around especially with a portable handheld cleaner.


Unlike their larger siblings, handheld vacuum cleaners usually tend to fall short in terms of longevity. So its a good idea to check what the warranty covers and whether you have a place willing to service your particular model within your locality.


How much are you willing to pay? That is an important question which can help you decide on the correct type of handheld vacuum cleaner. There are dirt cheap cleaners available under $20 and others that cost more than $100. It all depends on what features you rate higher than others and how much you can spend. Remember, expensive does not always mean reliable.