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Technology galore, the Eureka AS1001A brings to the table plenty of innovations that improve the suction and reach of the vacuum cleaner. It features AirSpeed Technology, a powerful suction system that expertly cleans hard floors and carpet. Since cleaning is its forte, it features attachments specifically designed to handle upholstery, crevices and cracks. Best of all, this vacuum cleaner costs much less than competing high priced brand names. Instead of a single winding hose, the Eureka AS1001A features a dual smooth tubing system that has got plenty of bends and turns letting air pass through with more power and hence clean better. From the floor to the cup, the distance that dirt has to travel is less allowing for higher suction. It also boasts of the Whirlwind Cyclonic technology that reduces maintenance cost and improves suction power, separating dirt and debris into the dust cup. Tools need no assembly as they fit directly onto the wand allowing for above the floor cleaning. When you use the wand, all suction power is directly transferred to it from the upright cleaner’s motor.

Bare Floors
Hose Airflow Strength
Ease Of Use
Pet Hair
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Impressive carpet only performance makes the Eureka AS1001A the best carpet cleaner around at a budget less than $200. The beater brush works flawlessly and can be changed as per your requirement from the convenient height adjuster near your hip on the handle. The only thing I noticed to be a bit worrying was that the cleaner actually propels itself a little when the beater brush is entirely lifted up.

Bare Floors:

After seeing the Eureka AS1001A perform its miracle with carpet, I had high expectations on bare floor but alas, the budget had to come into the picture somewhere. Eureka has entirely concentrated its efforts in making this a superior carpet cleaner at the expense of losing plenty of cleaning efficiency on bare floors. First of all, you cannot stop the beater brush from rotating but can only increase its height such that it doesn’t touch the surface any more. Naturally, the head doesn’t create a tight seal with hard floors and this is where it loses out on all its 12 Amp motor’s output. This issue could have been easily dealt with if they would have given the ability to switch off the beater brush.

Hose Airflow Strength:

The 12 Amp motor does offer plenty of suction strength regardless of whether you use a few tools or the unit itself. Best of all, the unique cyclonic action ensures that more air passes through the upright stem without losing any pressure. This translates to longer consistent hose airflow strength. Just remember to regularly empty the dirt cup and clean the filters or replace them as suggested in the manual as this impacts its overall performance a lot.

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A lot of power and a touch of class make for clean, clean floors.


Noise is something you really don’t have to worry about with the Eureka AS1001A. To start off, it actually suppresses a lot of the noise as there is less plumbing for the air to flow through. In fact, I usually hear the motor over the airflow, which is unavoidable unless they build an entire chassis for the engine just to soundproof it.

Eureka AS1001A

Eureka AS1001A

Ease Of Use:

I am confused as to whether the Eureka AS1001A is an easy to use bagless upright cleaner or is it a high maintenance beast. The attachments are all easy to operate and are effective, it performs splendidly on carpet but on the flipside, it literally sucks on hard floors and needs constant maintenance in the form of filter cleaning. I think it is a cheap first investment but a relatively expensive long term investment considering the maintenance it needs.

Pet Hair:

Just about decent with pet hair, the Eureka AS1001A isn’t actually designed to handle pet hair and so if you have a dog with really long hairs then don’t buy this vacuum cleaner. As for cat and other pets, dogs with short coat, it manages to do an excellent job on carpets.


If you are searching for an affordable vacuum cleaner and have carpeted floor for most of the house then the Eureka AS1001A is ideal for you. Plenty of suction power, a power motor and all sorts of tools will help you keep your house squeaky clean without costing too much. Its inexpensive nature is the biggest attraction and the above average performance justifies the purchase.

  • Eureka’s patented Optimal Air Flow Tech.
  • Consistent suction power over a prolonged period.
  • Total of 12 Amp power
  • Allergen and asthma friendly design with HEPA filters
  • Bottom based flip cover dust cup, easy to empty.
Eureka AS1001A

The best inexpensive carpet cleaner around with awesome attachments and usability, is quite silent.

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