Dyson Vacuum Reviews

The technology company, Dyson Ltd may have been founded in 1993. However, the wheels of suction innovation were set in motion a couple of decades earlier when owner and innovator, James Dyson first introduced the cyclone technology based ‘bagless’ vacuum cleaner prototype to the world. And this spirit of innovation has only gotten stronger and focused with time.

It’s true that Dyson vacuums tend to be expensive when compared with the competition. But, then they also feature a whole range of patented technologies, which you’d otherwise not find in other brands. In addition, the company prides itself on its lengthy yet iterative testing procedures that every new design goes through before it’s cleared for production.

Technology innovations seen in Dyson Vacuums:

Instead of relying on bags and filters to collect the dirt, Dyson vacuums employ a patented bag-less technology that creates a whirlwind action to extract the dirt from the sucked air. As a result, the appliance is able to maintain its suction power at all times, and additionally ensures cleaner air expulsion.

Conventional vacuum cleaners often suffer from suction loss when used on different floors. In such cases, Dyson’s ‘Airmuscle’ technology offers a unique solution to the problem. Three different components namely, a high torque clutch; a pneumatic actuator and powered cam work in unison to create a powerful yet highly balanced suction irrespective of the floor being cleaned.

Dyson vacuum cleaners are developed keeping in mind specific customer usage. So, whether it’s to clean your pet’s hair before they shed it; crevices and hard to reach places, there’s a Dyson attachment tool for every cleaning requirement you can possibly imagine.

Our Top Handheld Vacuum Reviews:

Dyson DC41 Review

Featuring a ball based design, the Dyson DC41 tagged the Animal packs in an awesome amount of airwatts using a powerful motor centrally situated in the ball base to penetrate deep into carpet piles and intuitively ease up on the brush head when it is time to clean bare floors. This is a truly intelligent upright vacuum.

2 Dyson DC28 Review

Dyson DC28 Review

With Root Cyclone Technology and Air Muscle, the Dyson DC28 relies on motorized brush rolls with a fingertip based height adjuster to work with hard floors and carpets. It comes with plenty of inventions and helps in locating and removing pet hair. Work with the wand or the many additional tools, this versatile performer will work hard at cleaning up any home.

3 Dyson DC40 Review

Dyson DC40 Review

Loads of power, plenty of versatility and an intelligence that understands various floor types, the Dyson DC40 is a self-adjusting vacuum cleaner that offers optimum performance and uses cyclonic technology for a cleaner home environment. We found that it has an excellent overall reach and isn’t noisy either.

4 Dyson DC24 Review

Dyson DC24 Review

The DC24 from Dyson is a multi-floor cleaner with high performance, lightweight design and a decent power output. It combines together excellent maneuverability and suction power more than making up for the lack of extra on-board tools. This is an inexpensive Dyson that is great for small apartments.

User rating:
5 Dyson DC23 Review

Dyson DC23 Review

Bringing its Root Cyclone technology into the canister vacuum segment, Dyson presents the DC23 – a compact bagless canister vacuum with 220 air watts of suction power and plenty of on-board attachments that easily handles deep-piled carpets, rugs, upholstery, car interiors, under furniture, smooth floors, laminated bare floors and more.