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Probably an offshoot of a droid from Star Wars, the Dyson DC41 has all the physical attributes of an AI entity. This vacuum cleaner with its Ball upright design goes everywhere, turns rooted to the spot and works hard to please its master. It has got a powerful suction with pet hair removal being its specialty. An active base plate in its cleaner head senses the appropriate contact height and optimally adjusts itself to each floor type. With hard floors, it lowers to seal off gaps lifting the brush bar away while on carpet the base plate raises up with the brushes coming down for proper penetration. You never again have to worry about setting the cleaner up for any kind of task. No dials, no bending down, this droid takes care of everything for you. Featuring patented Radial Root Cyclone Technology, its suction power is touted to be higher than many others with a remodeled airflow design. The mini turbine head is a separate attachment for confined spaces and pet hair removal, stairs even the car. Certified safe for asthma patients, the Dyson DC41 vacuum cleaner's Cyclone technology eliminates bacteria, mold and common allergens too.

Bare Floors
Hose Airflow Strength
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Our Review:


Super efficient is the only way to define the Dyson DC41 Animal. On carpet it starts the brush rolls moving, disturbing deep settle dirt out that many other vacuum cleaners miss out on. I was astonished by its carpet cleaning ability after comparing it with the Dyson DC28, my previous favorite and found it actually sucked out exactly the same amount of dust that the DC28 did a few minutes before!

Bare Floors:

The automatic head self-adjusts the moment it gets onto a bare floor. This ability was missing in all previous Dyson upright bagless cleaners and was a real pleasure using. It not only stops the brush head from spinning but also increases the suction power so that the head simply sticks with the surface creating a tight seal that takes up anything that gets in its way.

Hose Airflow Strength:

Rated at 235 air watts by Dyson, the DC41 Animal delivers almost the same amount of power and airflow strength as the DC33. So much of power may seem like overkill but this beauty understands the surface it travels on and accordingly adjusts power. You can also manually adjust the power without ever having to bend down as all controls are present on the upright handle along with the power buttons. This power translates to a much more efficient wand performance too and with its spring back mechanism, it is a real pleasure using the wand to clean out the ceiling and other hard to reach spots.

Comparable Vacuums

A lot of power and a touch of class make for clean, clean floors.


Astonishingly, for its size, the Dyson DC41 is a silent machine. I could talk over the phone while operating the vacuum cleaner and did not have to strain my ears to hear what was being said. At first though, its lack of noise (which is clearly evident with previous models of Dyson) was disturbing since sound levels are a good indicator or an upright bagless cleaner’s abilities. However, from the first time I started it up, it appeared to have much more cleaning efficiency.

Dyson DC41

Dyson DC41

Ease Of Use:

I simply cannot state the fact enough that this is the easiest upright vacuum cleaner to use. Hardly any assembly required, never any problems and no loss of suction at all even after cleaning for half an hour, Dyson DC41 uses washable HEPA filters that are super efficient and last a good three months. Cleaning out the dirt container is easy as it comes out as a single unit and can be emptied deep inside a large dustbin. As for the controls, they are simple and all at arms reach. The cord too is long enough at over 30 feet giving you the freedom to take the vacuum all over your house. Together with the wand that extends well over 12 feet you get an effective cleaning range of over 45 feet, sufficient for large homes.

Pet Hair:

‘The Animal’ has a PhD in seeking and removing pet hair regardless of the surface. Use it with upholstery, rugs, carpets, hard floors, car interiors and any place you can possibly imagine, it will remove every last strand of pet hair present along with loads of dander, mites and other pet related particles.


Dyson DC41 is indeed an Animal as its nickname suggests. It sniffs out dirt, grime and pet hair from every nook and cranny, fighting hard to keep your hard floor and carpet clean without much user interference. Basically, if you are interested in a highly versatile and touch free machine this is it. Ball upright nature makes pivoting around easier while its dirt canister helps in controlling asthma problems associated with cleaning the house. The Dyson DC41 is a complete vacuum cleaner for all purpose usage.

  • Radial Root Cyclone patented Dyson technology ensures against loss of suction power.
  • Can capture allergens and any particle more than 0.5 micron in size, including mold, bacteria and pollen.
  • Cleaner head has a high suction power with self adjusting nature for automatic hardfloor to carpet transitioning and vice versa.
  • Dyson ball technology lets it turn rooted to the spot and steer under furniture and obstacles.
  • Durable, lightweight and compact.
  • Labor and parts guarantee for 5 years from Dyson.
Dyson DC41

Awesome power, excellent cleaning on all kinds of floors with superior pet hair removal efficiency, not at all noisy considering its size.

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