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From its futuristic line of vacuum cleaners, Dyson produces yet another marvelous piece of modern engineering geared to make life easier. The Dyson DC40 is based on a Ball upright design that incorporates the entire motor and operational parts inside the ball base upon which the vacuum cleaner pivots and moves around. This innovative design lets the cleaner lose a lot of weight and slim down for a lightweight powerful performance. Plus, you get the advantage of a lower center of gravity and instant maneuverability. The automatic head self-adjusts according to the floor type with carpeted floors getting a brush action and tighter seal while hard floors get a brush-free loosely sealed nozzle contact on the surface. Pet hair is what this cleaner is certain to pick up even if they are entwined into the carpet reeds, although this is actually the specialty of its elder sibling, the Dyson DC41. Thanks to its patented Cyclone Capture technology, the Dyson DC40 is capable of sucking out the tiniest morsel of dirt and grime. Moreover, this technology helps remodel airflow and thus sucks in microbes and allergens off the carpet or hardwood floor down to 0.5 micron in size.

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Granted the Dyson DC40 lacks a bit of firepower as opposed to the DC33, DC41 or the DC50 but it packs in enough to handle most carpet surfaces. With deep pile carpets you may not feel it create a strong suction but after your first run you will be amazed at just how clean the carpet comes out. The unit comes with self-adjusting brush rolls that understand the depth of the carpet and accordingly adjust their height and speed. This works absolutely well and it does free up deep rooted granules.

Bare Floors:

On bare floors, the Dyson DC40 works its magic the best. Because of the belt driven automatic beater brush head, you don’t have to worry about damaging your hard floors because you forgot to switch the brush roll off. Not just that, the suction created at the head is strong enough to create a vacuum like surrounding such that anything underneath the head gets sucked up regardless of its size or nature.

Hose Airflow Strength:

At 200 airflow watts, this Dyson isn’t the most powerful upright bagless machine around but it is just enough to handle a versatile cleaning session. Besides, the drop in airflow strength automatically makes it a lighter machine, which in turn helps carry it around, over stairs and underneath furniture. The instant release wand too delivers the same amount of suction power except in a concentrated manner which is excellent for tackling draperies and upholstery. I have cleaned out my entire van with the Dyson DC40’s wand and was amazed by the amount of stuff it caught.

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As far as noise goes, the Dyson DC40 actually doesn’t make much of a ruckus. Yes, it is a bit noisy but then again you expect a bagless cyclonic action machine to produce some amount of noise to show neighbors that it is indeed quite powerful. Compared to its expensive siblings it is definitely much less noisy.

Dyson DC41

Dyson DC40

Ease Of Use:

At first, I was a little worried about the weight but after seeing it perform I am happy to say that you won’t even realize it weighs 14 pounds. You can carry it upstairs in one hand while using the wand in the other hand! The ball base, as is the case with other Dyson ball vacuum cleaners, works flawlessly and lets me get deep underneath furniture and other obstacles. Where one would ideally take out an attachment, this baby cozies up easily and sucks out every single speck of dust. My only concern is its overtly plastic construction but as far as I have read and heard, it holds up fine even after a couple of drops down the stairs.

Pet Hair:

Not exactly designed to handle pet hair, I found the main unit lacked a bit of power with long strands of hair. Nevertheless, a couple of additional passes gets the job done and so I won’t really complain much. Add to this the fact that the telescopic reversible wand concentrates sufficient suction to drag out hidden pet hair and dander from every nook and cranny in your house.


This is the third Dyson upright bagless vacuum cleaner I have used and my experience has been nothing short of outstanding. The Dyson DC40 is simply amazing with all floor types and not that noisy for a cyclonic action vacuum. It is easy to use and has got sufficient technological advancements to last a life time. In short, this funky looking vacuum cleaner is a perfect fit for folks who don’t have pets at home and only want a cleaner capable of clearing their house of dirt to the microscopic level.

  • Zero loss of suction with Cyclone technology to catch microscopic particles and dirt easily.
  • Remodeled airflow with Radial Root Cyclone tech.
  • Auto adjusting cleaner head for any kind of floor.
  • Turns easily on any kind of surface and helps manage awkward places.
  • 5 year limited warranty including labor.
Dyson DC40

Great with carpets and hard floor, automatic brush roll, decent wand performance and less noisy.

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