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A pet specific vacuum cleaner, the Dyson DC28 Animal is designed around the Root Cyclone Technology for efficient and thorough clog-free cleaning without compromising on the suction. Furthermore, it features the Air-muscle tech that consists of a pneumatic actuator, high torque clutch and a power cam so as to clean any surface with high degree of precision. For the layman, this all translates to optimum performance on any kind of surface. Consider it the Rolls Royce of the vacuuming world in the body of a Nissan Speedster for the benefit of the masses. Completely safe for folks with asthma and allergies it expels air with more than 150 times the bacteria and mold count commonly managed by an average vacuum cleaner thanks to the use of lifetime HEPA filters. A mini turbine helps with stairs, car upholstery and drapery within the house while the fingertip controls make adjusting brush bar height quick and simple. A telescopic wand helps you reach 16 feet away from the cleaner closer to crevices and corners, stairs or even under furniture. You also get a stair tool, brush tool and debris nozzle attachment set that effectively picks up pet hair from anywhere around the house.

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An absolute miracle with carpet, the Dyson DC28 was a serious eye opener for me. I believed that Hoover, Electrolux and others made really decent vacuum cleaners but never really thought in my wildest dream that I would gawk at the amount of dirt they miss out on until I met the DC28. This beauty packs in plenty of technological advancements that let you clear out twice as much dirt and dust than you would normally manage. In fact, the bin fills up so fast that to clean my entire house (2 floors and 6 rooms in total) I have to empty it 6 times! Most of it being carpet, you can understand how impressed I am with its carpet cleaning prowess.

Bare Floors:

The manual floor selector on the handle let’s you choose between bare and carpet floors. The single bare option is perfect as it manages tile, marbles and all other kinds of hard floors with ease. I don’t have to sweep or clean a second time once I am done with the Dyson DC28. If you thought that it picked up a lot of debris from carpet wait till you actually see it work on bare floors.

Hose Airflow Strength:

Considerably larger than the DC24, it packs in twice the punch. This together with its triple head mechanism and lifetime HEPA filters manage to produce an impressive suction power. It may be based on outdated Dyson bagless technology but it still manages to kick the living hell out of brand new models from competitors. If you truly want to check out Dyson performance against any other renowned brand name then get the Dyson DC28.

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Because of its larger size, high power output and lack of isolation between the motor and bin, it tends to produce quite a lot of noise. I don’t think you can actually compare its noise profile with any other vacuum cleaner in the market but in its defense, I have to say that the noise isn’t just for show. The more noise it makes, the more suction it produces.

Dyson DC28

Dyson DC28

Ease Of Use:

Initially, I felt the vacuum cleaner was a bit rigid to handle. However, I am inclined to say that the Dyson DC28 handles a tad bit differently than a conventional upright cleaner. If you are used to the new ball design from Dyson, you will find this cleaner a bit cumbersome. However, after a week, it becomes easier to maneuver this beast and with all the extra add-on tools, it is actually a better investment as opposed to the new Dysons that don’t ship with extra tools.

A reversible wand for hard to reach places, stair tool, crevice tool, handle based buttons, beater head and cyclonic action even in the head all add to the ease of operating this machine. It is truly a versatile and easy to use vacuum cleaner.

Pet Hair:

The Dyson DC28 is indeed an Animal and as an animal it understands the needs of pet owners perfectly. With so much of suction power, you don’t only eliminate pet hair from deep carpet piles but also get rid of dander and mites that your pets may be shedding around the house. Try this vacuum cleaner after using your older one and you will notice the stark difference in the amount of pet related debris it collects.


Featuring previous generation technology, the Dyson DC28 retails cheaper than its elder siblings, the DC40 and DC41 but does not detract in its performance on hard floor, carpet and even with pet hair. Dubbed, the ‘Animal’, the Dyson DC28 manages to extract short and long pet hair from the deepest crevices with ease, filling up the dirt canister quickly. It is a complete vacuum cleaner for homes with pets that shed a lot of hair.

  • Motorized brush bar with all-floor upright design made to handle pet hair as well.
  • Consistent suction performance without drop in power thanks to Root Cyclone technology patented by Dyson.
  • Airmuscle technology that combines together three different heads for handling any kind of floor with ease.
  • 5/8th gallon bagless bin capacity, asthma friendly design with washable HEPA filter and a telescopic reversible wand.
Dyson DC28

Highly versatile with the ability to suck up anything and everything from dirt, grime to dander and pet hair, packed with plenty of useful accessories.

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