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Tagged as multi-floor cleaner’, the Dyson DC24 features a motorized brush bar at the head to help go deep into the recesses of carpet to remove pet hair and dirt. Its stiff bristles spin at such a high speed that it takes just a couple of seconds to clean through piles of carpet and suck out deep seeded dirt and grime. And just because it is so adept at cleaning carpets doesn’t mean it won’t take care of your hard floor or delicate rugs, it is equally adept with these surfaces too. Thanks to HEPA filters, it can clean air up to 0.1 micron, in fact it will remove cigarette stench from the carpet. Moreover, your house will never again smell of mold, pollen or even dust mites. This is a vacuum cleaner made for allergic folks as evident by the use of HEPA filters. Furthermore, the wand design of the Dyson DC24 is reversible in nature to reach far flung places with ease. Unfortunately, you don’t get any attachments with this Dyson but you can purchase those you need the most separately. Some other attractive features of the Dyson DC24 include its clear see-through bin design, quick emptying, zero washable filters and bags and a long 5 year warranty on labor and parts.

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Before I start with the review, I have to point out that the Dyson DC24 is the smaller compacter ball base version and as such lacks a bit of power. Rated at 115 Air Watts with a motorized brush bar, it is just enough for a more than average carpet cleansing. If you can correlate with the data I just shared with you then you will understand when I tell you that this lightweight bagless cleaner actually does pack a punch. It cleans out carpet precisely even tackling really dirty spots well, albeit after a couple of additional passes. On an average I need to make two passes, one forward and the other backward, to clean carpet.

Bare Floors:

The brush bar head can be turned off manually for cleaning hard floors and because of its ball base you can slide the head under furniture without the top handle hitting anything on its way. In fact, it can reach a near horizontal eliminating the need to use the onboard hose to tackle hidden areas underneath the furniture. After cleaning with the Dyson DC24, I observed that it left the floor dust free. With this vacuum cleaner you won’t have to use a mop or sweep.

Hose Airflow Strength:

As I mentioned before, this is probably the only place where the Dyson DC24 loses out a bit compared to the DC25 and higher models. Nevertheless, it has ample air hose power to tackle deep carpet piles, stairs and corners. It even boasts of washable HEPA filters that maintain the suction power even with a half full canister. Moreover, because of its lightweight nature, you really won’t mind the lack of power.

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Astonishingly, the Dyson DC24 is a silent operator. Yes it is a bagless vacuum cleaner but it makes just as much noise as an average upright bagged vacuum cleaner. This is phenomenal considering the fact that it uses HEPA filters.

Dyson DC24

Dyson DC24

Ease Of Use:

The Dyson DC24 comes preassembled along with the onboard reversible wand. All you have to do is find it a power source. This is where you hit a major snag. The cable is too short for my liking and the only reason I get saved is because of the large number of power outlets I have. Moving on, the wand at first seems complicated to use but with time this too becomes mighty easy. I have actually started liking the wand for its extended reach and impressive suction. My only qualm though is that it isn’t enough to reach my 11 feet ceiling height.

If you worry about being able to carry the vacuum cleaner up a couple of floors, you will be pleased to know that the Dyson DC24 is light at around 11 pounds. I don’t use the stair accessory at all, instead rely on the wand and carry the entire unit upstairs. Likewise, the ball base helps in maneuvering the vacuum cleaner around and even lets it duck underneath furniture with ease. I only wish that it had a longer power cable.

Pet Hair:

The hard bristle brush head rotates at a fast speed and manages to free up pet hair from deep carpet pile. I haven’t had any problems trying to catch pet hair with the Dyson DC24 and for areas that need extra attention, I switch over to the reversible wand and suck everything up in one go.


The Dyson DC24 is a simple and sweet vacuum cleaner that hardly makes a sound and manages to clean all kinds of floors quite well. In fact, it is adept at picking out pet hair from carpet pile of any depth, cleaning out upholstery and rugs with ease. Basically, the Dyson DC24 is a cleaner suitable for people who want a lightweight comprehensive solution to their home maintenance problems.

  • Featuring the Ball technology from Dyson, its an upright easy movable vacuum cleaner.
  • All floor cleaner with reversible wand and motorized bristle bar brush.
  • Features Root Cyclone technology perfected by Dyson.
  • Asthma friendly, HEPA filters, collapsible handle design.
  • 5 year limited warranty including labor.
Dyson DC24

Lightweight, high maneuverability, superior cleaning on both carpet and hard floors with efficient pet hair removal, it is a versatile do-it-all vacuum cleaner.

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