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Blessed with an awesome 220 air-watt of suction output, the Dyson DC23 is designed around Root Cyclone technology seen in all its latest generation upright bagless vacuum cleaners. Because of the lack of bags, it is free from loss of suction and clogging. For carpets, this vacuum packs in a Turbine Head brush that deals with short pile and medium pile carpets. When transitioning over to smooth surfaces, the brush head can be turned off to prevent scratching of the surface. Excellent for allergy and asthma patients, it uses lifetime washable HEPA filters to clean air up to 150 times. This particular Dyson canister model comes with a Telescopic Wrap mechanism that lets the hose to compress and expand as needed. This makes it easier to store and maintain the vacuum when not in use. Some of the onboard tools include a stair tool, brush tool, high speed airflow crevice tool and a large clear bin of 0.44 gallon storage capacity. The entire unit along with onboard attachments weighs just 19.5 pounds and is completely protected for 5 years under warranty.

Bare Floors
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Because of the Root Cyclone technology, it develops an impressive amount of suction on carpets. In fact, I feel that this Dyson is more adept with carpets and rugs than it is on bare floors nevertheless, be careful when using the high speed turbo crevice tool. Don’t try to use it with really dirty upholstery as it only sucks the fabric in instead of removing dust or debris. This cute canister vacuum is so powerful that it always dumbfounds me with the amount of stuff it can suck in from my deep piled carpet.

Bare Floors:

Not that it won’t handle bare floors at all, but I would have loved to see an equally impressive performance with bare floors as it does with carpets. When using it with hard floor you have to manually switch off the turbine brush head otherwise it can easily scratch laminated surfaces. Unfortunately, the seal developed on bare floor isn’t adequate so at times it may skip really dirty areas.

Hose Airflow Strength:

220 air-watts is a serious amount of power developed by the Dyson DC23 considering its size. This is probably an apt justification of its seriously overpriced nature. All this power helps in dealing with every possible type of dust and debris. You won’t be disappointed with the suction power even after the canister reaches 3/4th of its capacity.

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All bagless vacuums tend to make a lot of noise because of the cyclonic action but the Dyson DC23 doesn’t make all that much noise. It does wake up my cats from their deep slumber but it won’t bother your neighbors if that is what you are worried about. I can have a conversation over the phone while vacuuming my home.

Dyson DC23

Dyson DC23

Ease Of Use:

Loads of attachments, plenty of power and a definitely reliable design makes the Dyson DC23 uber-reliable. I usually trust Dysons so when I saw what it could do in the canister department, I was not astonished. The only complaint I have is the loosely hanging telescopic wand that can’t be stored upright.

If you worry about being able to carry the vacuum cleaner up a couple of floors, you will be pleased to know that the Dyson DC24 is light at around 11 pounds. I don’t use the stair accessory at all, instead rely on the wand and carry the entire unit upstairs. Likewise, the ball base helps in maneuvering the vacuum cleaner around and even lets it duck underneath furniture with ease. I only wish that it had a longer power cable.

Pet Hair:

Almost all Dyson canister vacuums are seriously adept at handling pet hair. The Dyson DC23 in fact managed to pick up large dust balls and cat dropping from all kinds of floors irrespective of the size or the quantity.


If I was to choose between an upright and canister vacuum based solely on the performance and dependability, I would go for an upright but after experiencing the wonders of the Dyson DC23 I must say that canister vacuums have now become just as powerful and adept at handling all-surface cleaning and pet hair.

  • Uses Advanced Root Cyclone Technology to prevent loss of suction and clogging issues.
  • Designed to tackle homes with pets using the mini turbine brush head to extract dirt and pet hair from deep rooted spots.
  • The brush bar is driven by air and can be turned off for bare floors.
  • HEPA filters help trap allergens and are washable eliminating the need for regular replacements.
  • Certified by Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America for allergy and asthma patients.
  • 5 long years of warranty for labor and parts.
Dyson DC23

Great with carpets, rugs, pet hair and develops plenty of power even with the canister almost full.

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