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The Bissell 82H1 is a see-through vacuum cleaner with a Helix Separation System that is great for home cleaning. Thanks to the many attachments, you can clean hard floors, carpeted grounds, under the furniture and crevices out of sight. Regardless of whether you are cleaning carpet or hard floor, its Helix System ensures 100 percent capture of dirt and debris. By using internal ribs, the Dirt Container displaces larger dirt granules to the sides while leaving dust and smaller particles behind towards the center at the bottom for easier extraction. This also ensures continued suction efficiency from the vacuum cleaner. In short, the Bissell 82H1 is a state-of-the-art vacuum cleaner. You also get a Turbo brush tool that helps clean upholstery, furniture and stairs rather easily while its Clean View Dirt Container let’s you see through the outer casing into the dirt container so that you know when it is time to clean it out. Some other features of the Bissell 82H1 are its 5 different height adjustment, Dual Edge cleaning and HEPA filters.

Bare Floors
Hose Airflow Strength
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Being an upright vacuum cleaner the BISSELL 82H1is obviously great at cleaning carpet. It even manages to clear away every last flick of dust from rugs and upholstery. However, because of its phenomenal carpet cleaning prowess, the dirt cups tend to fill up rather quickly. This is great news for cleanliness freaks but to understand where I feel it loses out a bit in carpet cleaning you will have to understand its mechanism. There are two cups, one large another small right on top of each other. The top cup catches debris and large dust particles while the smaller one is supposed to hold fine dust however, because of the two washable filters on top of it, nothing really gets caught. Instead you have a really dirty pair of filters that always throw dust the moment you try to clean the canisters.

Bare Floors:

Affordable upright vacuum cleaners usually are great with carpet floors but lack the power or the performance to handle bare floors. The BISSELL 82H1 differs because it cleans hard floors just as well as carpet. In fact, there is a particular height setting designed specifically for hard floors that works wonders regardless of the type of hard floor. I was also impressed by its ability to clean concrete floors. Our garage floor has never looked so clean before.

Hose Airflow Strength:

The 12 Amp motor with multi-filtration system utilizing 2 cups in sequence and three filters (one is a HEPA filter) work well in tandem to produce an impressive amount of air flow. Moreover, an adjustable knob lets you control the power and subsequently the air flow. It even provides one for bare floors exclusively. Unfortunately, this air flow doesn’t come handy when you try to clean curtains or high up areas as the hose is too short to reach up to the ceiling. However, if it was just about air flow strength the BISSELL 82H1 actually trumps vacuum cleaners thrice as expensive.

Comparable Vacuums

A lot of power and a touch of class make for clean, clean floors.


Expect noise with the BISSELL 82H1. First of all it is a bagless variant that uses three filters and two dirt cups. Secondly, it relies on a 12Amp motor. Together they produce a huge ruckus, enough to wake my cat up every time I switch it on. But I am not complaining considering that this beauty costs a fraction of a Hoover or Dyson juggernaut.



Ease Of Use:

This BISSELL bagless vacuum cleaner comes almost pre-assembled. Just attach the hose, brush head and start it up. All accessories are provided in a neatly packaged manner and can be stored onboard. Using this machine is easy because of its lightweight nature and to clean stairs, you can rely on its stair cleaning accessory. My only complaint is that it is plastic from the outside which I worry might crack because of the vibrations from the motor. Also, the power switch is on the main unit towards the bottom because of which you have to regularly bend down to switch it on and off.

Pet Hair:

One of the attachments you get is a mini Turbo hose that is similar to the main turbo hose but lacks the brush head. I used this on my couch that my cat loves a lot and it cleaned it so well that you won’t even realize I own a cat to start with. The main hose and other attachments don’t really tackle pet hair well but when you want to exclusively clean out hair, fiber or other such stuff, this turbo nozzle comes handy.


Cheap upright vacuum cleaners usually have poor construction and are undependable. Thankfully, the Bissell 82H1 is an affordable cleaner with sufficient innovations and features to keep you happy as long as you are not a cleanliness freak. It is inexpensive and at the same time adept at taking care of all floor types. Not all that powerful but quite versatile, the Bissell 82H1 is perfect for an average household looking for a replacement cleaner or a secondary backup unit.

  • Helix Dirt Separation System, Bagless design for superior performance.
  • 12 Amp motor and dual edge cleaning for bare floors and carpets.
  • Dirt Cup, HEPA filter, adjustable height.
  • Comes with extension wand, dusting brush, crevice tool and Turbo brush.
  • Protected by a 1 year limited type warranty.

Equally good with carpets and hard floors, the Turbo nozzle is designed specifically for pet hair. Catches a lot of dirt and is good for allergy and asthma patients.

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