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Presenting a handy cleaning aid that makes all your cleaning tasks easy and done within a matter of minutes. With the Bissel Cleanview 47R51 you need no longer dread the monotony of cleaning the dust settling in and around your home. Sleek and handy, it is easy to carry around, thanks to the dynamically curved smooth handle with the power switch conveniently located at the end. The 18-foot power cord makes it easily maneuverable and you can access a wide range from on power point in the house. This handy vacuum cleaner comes with a unique multi-level filtration system that traps the trickiest dust and allergens into a tough, see-through dust cup, letting you view the amount of dust that is cleaned. The hose-adaptor nozzle and contour nozzle made of tough rubber are great for reaching out to dust on your furniture and curtains, removing them efficiently. The handy Bissel Cleanview 47R51 is easy to carry as it weighs just 4.6 pounds.

Bare Floors
Hose Airflow Strength
Ease Of Use
Pet Hair
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Cleaning carpets is a nightmare for most people, with dust settling in tiny crevices. The traditional method of beating carpets to clean them is completely forgotten today, thanks to the versatile Bissel Cleanview 47R51 that renders the task easy. Every microscopic bit of dust is removed efficiently, and your carpet looks as good as new after each cleaning session. With hardly any wear and tear or damage to be caused, the handy vacuum cleaner does a thorough job. In addition to heavy carpets and rugs, it cleans curtains and upholstery equally well. Bissel Cleanview 47R51 comes with additional tools like crevice tool, wide-mouthed tool, and a hose adaptor tool that help clean carpets thoroughly.

Bare Floors:

Cleaning floors used to be a monotonous task dreaded by most people who had go on all fours to do the floors. Thanks to the efficient Bissel Cleanview 47R51 cleaning all types of floors like concrete, wooden, marble, and tiled floors. Saves precious time and energy, and the task can be completed very fast. The cleaning tools glide over bare floors effortlessly, making a clean sweep in a matter of minutes.

Hose Airflow Strength:

Thanks to the powerful 4-amp motor this vacuum cleaner is equipped with, the suction power is enhanced and the hose airflow strength is more than satisfactory. The combination of suction power and unique brush action ensures that the dust is cleaned thoroughly. Bissel Cleanview 47R51, though small in size, is powerful when it comes to any cleaning task. What’s more is the vacuum cleaner hardly makes any noise, and you can even talk on your cellphone while the machine does its work.

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Although this vacuum cleaner is equipped with a very powerful motor, it is not very noisy. The whirring sound of the small yet powerful motor is within tolerable limits, making the use of this equipment a real pleasure. With no change in the noise levels even when the vacuum cleaner is cleaning stubborn dust embedded in cracks and crevices, this low-noise feature is appreciated by most users. You don’t have to worry about neighbors complaining about any noise you make while cleaning your home.

Bissell 47R51

Bissell 47R51

Ease Of Use:

It is incredibly easy to use this equipment, which can safely be handled by kids. This ease of use feature is probably one of the main reasons why people prefer to buy this user-friendly piece of equipment. Changing the fittings like brushes and nozzles is quite easy, as is cleaning the dust collector once it gets filled. The extra long cord makes it easy to reach the tricky areas like staircases and cobwebs on walls. The design is such that changing the filter poses no problem at all. Cleaning the dirt collector is also very easy, as removing the cup can be done in one motion by releasing the latch.

Pet Hair:

With pets having no restrictions in most homes they constantly shed fur on upholstery, settees, cots, carpets and almost every place they go to in your home. The strong suction power of Bissel Cleanview 47R51 reaches into most inaccessible cracks and crevices to clean up all the fur that your pets inadvertently shed around the house. Even if you have been restricting your dear pets from moving around freely in your homes until now, you can give them the liberty they deserve, thanks to the efficient cleaning features of this vacuum cleaner.


With dust presenting a health hazard that can cause severe problems to the respiratory tract, it is important to keep home dust-free. Bissel Cleanview 47R51 presents the best solution for all cleaning tasks. In addition to helping keep homes clean, this incredible piece of cleaning equipment is great for cleaning the interiors of cars and SUVs as well. The ease of use is probably its most important highlight, making it the most preferred cleaning aid by most people. Priced at around $30, this is certainly a bargain you won’t want to miss.

  • Powerful motor enables thorough cleaning of microscopic dust particles
  • Easy to use and helps clean up very fast, especially good for cleaning cars
  • Comes with an array of cleaning attachments, making cleaning tasks easier
  • Transparent dirt collector warns you when it is time to empty the cup
  • Handy rubber nozzles help clean small bits of dust and hair lodged in tricky areas
  • The extra long power cord can be folded and stored, thanks to the cord wrap system
Bissell 47R51

Extremely powerful and incredibly lightweight, this vacuum cleaner is very easy to carry around the home. It is perfect for cleaning the stairs and your car interiors, including the tricky areas below the seats.

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