Best Bagless Vacuum Reviews 2018

From a user’s perspective, bag-less vacuums can prove to be convenient and economical in the long run. The convenience aspect stems from the fact that a bagless vacuum cleaner directly transfers all the collected debris into a bin, the contents can be emptied by removing the bin.

Also, since there are no dust collection bags involved, it translates to more savings that you’d otherwise have to incur with monthly purchase of disposable vacuum bags. And, you don’t have to worry about small items getting accidentally sucked into the vacuum cleaner, as you can easily retrieve it from the bin.

Things To Consider When Purchasing Some of the Best Bagless Vacuums:

Loss of suction in a vacuum cleaner directly results in lowered cleaning efficiency in the appliance and therefore becomes an important consideration in homes that have both carpeted as well as hardwood (or tiled) floors. In such case, you’ll need a vacuum cleaner that either offers some way of manipulating the suction head directly or has different power configurations that you can switch to on demand.

Typically, the main filter unit in a bag-less vacuum cleaner will extract finer particles of dirt from the suctioned air. Now, if this filter is washable, then you’ll need to remove it and have it cleaned periodically to ensure the suction efficiency of your vacuum cleaner doesn’t suffer. Conversely, non-washable filters need to be changed after they have be fully used up with a new one, thus translating to recurring investments to keep the appliance fully functional.

The default suction head provided in bag-less vacuum models generally proves insufficient when used around corners, crevices, wall edges, upholstery, etc. Therefore, carefully consider the kind of attachments, wands and/extensions being offered with your choice of bagless model as these will definitely influence the overall cost of the home appliance.

Read our Reviews and Find the Bagless Vacuum you need:

Dyson DC41 Review

A wicked design, innovative Ball based operation with centrally located motor powerful enough to suck out dirt from the deepest creases in your carpet and intuitively raise the brush and beater away from hard floor the moment it senses it, the Dyson DC41 is not your typical upright vacuum cleaner, it’s an intelligent bagless vacuuming master.

2 Dyson DC28 Review

Dyson DC28 Review

Based on Airmuscle and Root Cycle technology, the Dyson DC28 uses motorized brush heads with a fingertip height adjuster to suit any carpet pile type and even hard wood floors. Packed with sufficient innovations, effective on most surfaces, it’s a pet hair buster and not just as a vacuum cleaner but as a wand attachment too.

3 Shark NV356E Review

Shark NV356E Review

Two vacuums for the price of one, the Shark NV356E features a canister handheld vac and an upright carpet cleaner with easy height adjustment and an impressive motor. Its quite and very easy to handle with swivel steering. Also features the Complete Seal Technology and higher suction power with plenty of tools and attachments.

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4 Dyson DC40 Review

Dyson DC40 Review

Bagless, power packed and versatile, the Dyson DC40 intelligently discovers what kind of floor you are cleaning and adjusts itself for optimum performance. It is not pet hair specific but still manages to do a decent job. Cyclone technology, cleaner home environment and lightweight nature aptly summarize the Dyson DC40.

5 Dyson DC24 Review

Dyson DC24 Review

Root Cyclone Technology, upright ball based central vacuum cleaner design gives the Dyson DC24 a lot of maneuverability and high performance. While not as powerful as a few higher end models, this Dyson cyclonic cleaner still has enough for an average household. Plus, it is lightweight and easy to carry up stairs.

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6 Hoover UH70120 Review

Hoover UH70120 Review

See-through vertical design with dirt cup and bagless operation helps the Hoover UH70120 accomplish many tasks. It is aided by plenty of handy accessories, a powerful 12 Amp motor and WindTunnel (Hoover patented) Technology giving it excellent versatility on all types of floors and even with pet hair. This Hoover also comes with plenty of onboard tools.

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7 BISSELL 82H1 Review

BISSELL 82H1 Review

12 Amp motor with bagless design and HEPA filtration, the Helix Separation System of the Bissell 82H1 should manage with any kind of floor – be it hard or carpet. Inexpensive and versatile, at the same time, it comes with plenty of attachments and accessories to handle draperies, upholstery and furniture cleaning.

8 Eureka AS1001A Review

Eureka AS1001A Review

Many technological features, satisfactory performance and all kinds of attachments complete the Eureka AS1001A. The powerful 12 Amp motor provides sufficient suction power to clean carpet although it is not well suited to hard floors. It also takes care of pet hair and never makes much of a ruckus even when stuck on a particularly dirty patch.