A Trusted Friend Of Any Household – Vacuum Cleaner

most valuable friend - vacuum cleaner

Can you imagine cleaning your house just with the help of a dusting cloth, a broom or a stick to get off the dirt from carpets? Well, isn’t it a painful thought itself? Hence, in every household a vacuum cleaner is not just an essentiality, but is more of a trusted friend. To keep the surroundings clean and tidy, a vacuum cleaner is the one to depend on.

Bringing home just any vacuum cleaner would be futile unless it in reality serves the right purpose. Therefore, before buying a vacuum cleaner make sure to consider the following aspects:-

1. Applicability and Convenience

It is very important to choose a right vacuum cleaner as per your requirements. For instance, if the vacuum cleaner needs to be constantly moved up and down to clean various storeys of the building, then a heavy or bulky cleaner will be difficult to manage. For a person with short height, it will be inconvenient to use and manoeuvre a vacuum cleaner with a long handle. For this reason, vacuum cleaners should be lightweight, easy-to-use, easy to empty the debris, easy to manoeuvre and the attachments should be easy to change and fit. Overall, look for a cleaner that is most convenient to use.

A lot of cleaners come with too many attachments, all of which are never used and you end up paying in excess unnecessarily. So, ensure that you buy a cleaner with tools that can be attached and detached effortlessly and without assistance.

2. Performance

Second to convenience comes performance. The vacuum cleaner should clean maximum dirt, dust, hair, pets’ fur, etc. that too with minimum effort. It should clean all the dirt with a single blow without spreading the dust here and there. The upright vacuum cleaners come with long handles that can clean extreme corners and top edges of the room. They also come with additional attachments like a hard brush to clean carpeted floors, without pulling in the carpet. A performance-based cleaner should have tools that are handy and beneficial.

3. Dependability

A common complaint amongst vacuum cleaner users is the reliability and inconsistency. A certain model of vacuum cleaner may last for years together for someone, while the same model may show problems in the initial months for a different user. The most probable reason for this could be the weak and wobbly parts or plastic used in the manufacturing process combined with mishandling by the user. Almost all domestic vacuum cleaners are less sturdy compared to the professional ones. Hence, one should not expect the domestic cleaners to be rock-solid and should use it with care. The user should follow the instructions provided in the manual.

4. Customer Service

This is a very important aspect, which most consumers tend to overlook when buying the product and later on repent. Same applies to vacuum cleaners as well. Once the machine leaves the manufacturer’s or seller’s hands, not many are available for after-purchase-customer-care. This makes the warranty of the cleaner of no use. So in case your vacuum cleaner breaks make sure to approach the merchant, who has the liability of replacing the same, if it falls under the warranty period.

Vacuum cleaners are extremely beneficial and make your work quick and easy. Therefore, do your homework on vacuum cleaners before buying one and be a smart purchaser.

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