10 Common Vacuum Cleaner Problems You Can Fix Yourself

vacuum cleaner repair yourself

If you are experiencing problems with your vacuum cleaners then perhaps you need to spend your hard earned cash to fix it or buy a new one. But hang on! Have you thought of fixing the problem yourself? By identifying the problem in your vacuum cleaner you can save your valuable time and money. This is what you need to know to find out what exactly went wrong with your cleaning machine.

Vacuum Filter

More often than not, it is the vacuum filter that needs to replaced or cleaned. These filers must be used as per the manufacturer’s recommendations but even if you use them with extreme care, it is important to check them every now and then to make sure the cleaner is not losing its ability to suck dust because of blocked filer.

Vacuum Bag

Manufacturers make vacuum bags fairly big these days but even though these bags seem to last forever, you must replace them to ensure your cleaner is picking up tiny dust particles. It is recommended to purchase a few extra vacuum bags just in case the current vacuum bag is damaged.

Power Cable

Sometimes it is the power cable that cuts out the power to vacuum cleaner. It is important to keep the power cable away from water and other liquids at all times for safety purposes. This will also decrease the likelihood of power cuts or cable problems in the future.


Always make sure the hose is not cracked. A malfunctioning hose can result in considerable loss of suction, thereby reducing the efficiency of the cleaning machine. If you are unable to repair the hose, simply claim the warranty on your vacuum cleaner.

Rigid Wand

Use of rigid wand is highly recommended when cleaning places such as ceilings, fans and roofs. Consider replacing the flexible hose with a rigid wand whenever you feel there is a need to clean high up places. This will also reduce the chances of damage to the hose. Avoid using ladder, chair or table to reach ceiling and fans. Simply use a rigid wand to ensure your own safety.


Additional brushes can make the cleaning job much easier for you. Sometimes it is required to use smaller brushes to clean certain parts of a room. Find out what type of tools you can get for your existing machine before going out to buy a cleaner that comes with a range of brushes/tools.


Overheating can damage the motor of your vacuum cleaner. Replacing these motors is relatively simple and you do not have to be an expert in domestic appliances to perform this task.


Cracked or broken wheels can make it difficult for you to use your vacuum cleaner. As soon as you spot a broken wheel, buy a new one and get your cleaner up and running again.


Parts such as switches can often fail and therefore you should get replace them to avoid struggles with power.

Full Replacement

Depending on the make and model, you might be able to replace your vacuum cleaner if it’s badly damaged.

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    shankar January 24, 2018 at 2:51 pm

    today i was using by cleaner at morning but after 15 minutes the cleaner stopped and not working how to solve it

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